Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fresh Vegies

Everyone knows that vegetables are good for you. To gain full nutritional benefits from vegetables it is important that they are eaten when they are as fresh as possible. Vitamin content is highest in raw vegetables or those that are cooked so as to preserve their vitamins.

The best way to have fresh vegetables is to grow your own to pick fresh each day. If you buy vegetables from a greengrocer or supermarket, it is important to know how to choose the freshest vegetables available and how to store them to keep them fresh. Here are Rosemary's tips for choosing the freshest vegetables: Buy from a greengrocer or supermarket with a good turn over. Select vegetables which look, feel and smell fresh. If you can bend a carrot it will have lost most of its goodness. Spinach or other greens which are wilted have lost most of their water soluble vitamins B and C. Buy small amounts often (so they keep fresh) and vary the way you serve them.

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