Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Asian herbs and vegetables

Some varieties of Asian herbs and vegetables are becoming available in punnets, but they are very easy to grow from seed. Most varieties don’t like to be transplanted so it is a good idea to sow that seed directly. They need to be grown in areas of at least six hours of direct sunlight. In cooler areas most varieties can be planted in autumn or spring once any risk of frost has disappeared. In tropical areas Asian vegetables are a winter crop, so the seed is sown in autumn. When thinning out the seedlings don't throw them away as they are great used in soups and stir-frys. Coriander it is best grown in the shade as it goes to seed more quickly in full sun.

Some Asian vegetables to grow are: Pak Choi and Bok Choi Brassica rapa Chinensis (Chinese White Cabbage), Tatsoi Brassica rapa Chinensis (Chinese Flat Cabbage), Kintsai Apium graveolens (Chinese celery), Mizuna & Mibuna Brassica rapa Japonica (Japanese salad greens, Garlic chives Alllium tuberosum, Coriander Coriandrum sativum, Garland Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum coronarium var. spatiosum.

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