Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Cannas are clumping perennials. Most of them love the sun and are remarkably hardy. Lots of compost and animal manure should be dug into the soil when they are planted. Just before spring mix up a combination of blood and bone and sulphate of potash in a ration of 4:1 and apply to the surface of the soil around them. It will ensure continuous flowering from November right through until April. Dead-heading any spent flowers will prevent them from going to seed. From May hard pruning needs to takes place, removing all the old and spent flowering stems right to the ground leaving new side shoots. Systemic sprays for weeds have an instant effect on cannas, making organic growing the best option. Every plant in the ground can produce two, and sometimes three bulbs in one season, making it easy to have a good display very quickly.

Dynamic colours are popular at the moment and like their popularity in the 1930s cannas are now coming back into favour. Canna indica is a listed environmental weed in some states, so this species should not be planted. The hybrids and cultivars do not get out of control in the garden, and are a very hardy perennial with some of the most dynamic colours that you will ever see.

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