Monday, May 28, 2012

Screening Wall

A familiar problem in any garden is the need for privacy, and the need to create a barrier to block unwanted views, such as an unsightly compost system or rubbish pile. Now a great way to create a barrier is to construct a screen. There are many materials available at the local hardware store, but for the budget conscious try constructing a screen from reusable materials, which can be collected at the tip.

The great thing about second hand materials is they are full character. But remember when collecting any materials wear safety gloves. To create a screen like ours, you will need to cut wood and metal, and put in some screws. But power tools such as a grinder, drill and saw, will also come in handy. If using power tools, wear safety goggles and ear muffs. To build this screen we have selected materials including an old pool fence, because it's roughly the size of the area to be screened; a saw blade for the end; some plywood pieces cut into strips, and compressed concrete sheeting, to create bands.

Firstly remove some of the bars from the pool fence to create flexibility and allow other materials to be threaded through. Once the bars are removed thread the compressed concrete sheeting through the fence, but you might need some help with this. Next make legs to support the screen. For this we used two pieces of timber and put them on either end. This provided structural strength, at the back of the screen. Use decking timber for the front, and sandwich the ends. Once you’ve found the right position for the screen and are happy with the level, backfill the hole, and use sand rather than cement. Cement holds moisture, so it will rot the post more quickly. Ram the sand in firmly. This screen looks fantastic as a backdrop for plants, and the colours of the materials blends into the landscape. It cost about $25 and would take a day to make with the help of a mate.

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