Friday, July 27, 2012


Have you ever walked around your garden and wondered why some plants are thriving and others are struggling to survive? It's because a garden isn't a uniform space. It's made up of a series of garden rooms, each with their own growing conditions. Some areas are hot and dry while others are cool and shady. These different growing conditions are called microclimates.

To create a successful and sustainable garden it's important to understand the different microclimates within your garden. Whether you're upgrading an existing garden or establishing a new garden the first step is to conduct a site analysis.

Three factors to consider are temperature, sunlight and air circulation. Consider where the hot spots in your garden are. Think about where shadows, particularly those cast by trees or the house - and these are likely to change from winter to summer. Also think about air circulation and which direction the prevailing winds come from. All these factors affect how plants grow and understanding them will help you to create a relaxing garden where the plants are healthy and happy.

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