Tuesday, September 11, 2012


The name chrysothemis comes from ancient literature. Chrysothemis was the daughter of Agememnon and Clytemnestra. She was a demure person, it is difficult to see why the name applies to this plant because, although it's demure, it's not very forgiving and it doesn't like strong sunshine. Ideally, it should be sited on an east facing window sill, and it doesn't like to dry out, similar to African violets. It needs some moisture but doesn't like to be too wet at the roots. Otherwise, it's a pest and trouble free plant.

Chrysothemis have bronze foliage but the crowning glory of this plant is its flowers; beautiful little flowers which last for a very long time. When they drop off, the bracks which are even brighter, last even longer. 

They can be grown in a shallow container, as they don't have deep roots. Plant them in an African violet mix. During winter time, they will die down to the ground. Simply stop watering them for that period. When they start reshooting in spring, that's when you start watering them. All they need in summertime is a once monthly feed with a liquid seaweed fertiliser, and there you have it: a delicious new pot plant well worth the hunt.

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