Friday, February 01, 2013

My garden

Several years ago, when permanent water restrictions were introduced, gardeners across Australia went into a panic, believing that their precious gardens would turn to dust. But a no watering garden proves you can still have a garden with colour and interest, despite water restrictions and drought.

My garden is located on either side of a gully, in Ashton in the Adelaide Hills. Although the rainfall is higher and the climate is cooler than most of South Australia, it’s a true Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers, cold, wet winters and brief periods of spring and autumn in between.

The garden was planted last autumn and everything was mulched heavily. This gives the plants a chance to get established over the wetter months, and six to nine months to settle in before the heat.

Plant selection was crucial for this no watering garden, so I selected tough plants that have adapted to extended dry periods. Many have silver or hairy foliage, some have tough, leathery leaves, others have succulent leaves, and they originate from countries with climates similar to ours.

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