Saturday, March 15, 2008

Building Boba Fett's Slave 1 Step 7: The Main Hull Part 1

It's been a long while since I updated on my Slave 1 project again. Well I can only find time on the weekends so if the weekend is choke full of things to do then the project will have to wait.

But today I managed to do a bit more. I'm on Step 7 now; building the main hull of the ship. I needed 3 different colors for the hull and since I don't have an air brush I had to resort to using spray can paints.

And I couldn't find the 3 modeling spray can paints as per instruction! So I had to pick the colors closest to them, I found 2 matching quite close but the last one I had to find one from the hardware store. Its an ordinary spray can but the color is as close as I can get to so it'll have to do.

This is the hull of the ship, I had to glue the 2 parts together and the other smaller pieces that go with it as well before painting. I tried to cover up the seam where the 2 pieces meet with a model putty but ended up making a mess of it and had to sand it down to start again!

This is the first color to go on it, I will have to add in other colors later. The spray can I got from the hardware store is crappy because when I first started it came out powdery and rough but smooth up later so I ended up with one side rough and the other side smooth! I think I'll lightly sand it down and give it another light spray again tomorrow.


Dabido said...

You used a gloss?
I usually use matt colours on my models.
Of course, I also use acrylic rather than enamel, but that's my choice. :-)

wuching said...

I try not to use gloss paints but that day I didn't have a choice coz I couldn't find the paint I needed & this colour was the closest I could find eventho its gloss. surprisingly it didn't come up very glossy which is good. and yes I prefer acrylic paints as well coz I can wash off in water but I find that enamel paints come up better dun you think?