Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Building Boba Fett's Slave 1 Step 7: The Main Hull Part 3: Set Back

I had a set back with my model; the colors I chose for the main hull turned out to be not as I expected and I wasn't all happy with the result I got after painting it.

The apple green paint I got from the hardware store was too green and rough on the hull, I didn't mind the camouflage contrast on it but the dark green on the side fenders run when I spray it!

So I decided to start again meaning I had to get rid of the paint first. I used Easy Off Oven Cleaner which works like a charm. Just spray on, leave overnight in zip-lock bag and washes off.

I then lightly sand the model down, re-glue the 2 halves and filled up the seam with Tamiya model putty before giving it another sanding just to get rid of excess putty and to smooth the seam over.

This time I used Tamiya AS-16 gray spray for the main hull and I got to say it looks so much better than that horrible green I used previously. What was I thinking?!

When the paint dries I masked the model with masking tapes and liquid mask. I've learned from previous attempt to apply more liquid mask rather than less because it doesn't peel off if it's applied too thinly.

I used the Tamiya AS-29 gray green spray for the contrasting camouflage. The 2 colors just go well with each other don't you think? After that I proceed to color in the other colors.

This is the end result; it's so much better than the previous attempt. I used the 1.5 mm micron masking tape I bought from Japan to mask the cockpit to paint in the flat black and the result is spectacular. The micron mask works a charm, they should sell them here.


mama bok said...

Coming along nicely..!

Anonymous said...

Much Better!
Looking Good!

- Dabido