Sunday, April 20, 2008


The last week we've been getting some cold nights and wet mornings. With the extra moisture but still warm days mushrooms are starting to sprout all across my lawn.
I don't know what mushrooms these are but they are all over my lawn. Starts off like the phallus shape you see then it will pop up like an umbrella as the day warms up. But it never last, maybe a day of two it'll die down and more to take its place the next days.


Dabido said...

Looks like ice cream growing out your grass! :-)

allthingspurple said...

That's mushrooms? It has a rather funny shape. Never seen mushrooms like that before over here

Anonymous said...

Don't mean to bust in on a private conversation or anything, but I stumbled on your blog looking for an answer to the very same question... What the heck is this strange mushroom on my lawn. Just thought you might like to know... It's Coprinus Comatus or "shaggy mane mushroom".