Monday, October 20, 2008

Building Fine Molds Millennium Falcon Step 9: Starting on the upper hull.

Sorry for the lack of update on my little project here. Thing is I've been busy but better I do it at my own pace than in a rush and risk fouling it isn't it? Well let's get on from where I left off before.

In step 9 I finally get a chance to work with the main body. Up till now I've only been playing around with the cockpit and other smaller parts of the ship. Now I get to play with the ship's hull.

The hull is actually made of 2 parts; the upper hull and the lower hull. I decided to give the upper hull a coat of paint before applying the details to it. I also gave all the smaller parts a coat of paint while they were still on the trees, I just think it'll make my work a little bit easier.

In this step we're concentrating on the 'nose' of the ship. A lot of the details had to be glued onto it with a steady hand and plenty of patience. Some parts are only 2 mm in size!

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