Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Building Fine Molds Millennium Falcon Step 11: The sides

In step 11 we start work on the two sides of the ship. There's not a lot involved in this step so we'll basically breeze through it. However there are still a lot of tiny parts involved so bring out your magnifying glass.

The two sides are almost identical so once you've done the left the right side will seem quite monotonous. Listen to some Star Wars music track while you're doing this.

Like I said; not much involved in this step but gluing tiny parts all over the different panels. I supposed that's what makes the whole thing fun; putting all the bits together.

Next step we'll start work on the lower hull so stay tuned.


Anonymous said...


I am following your thread very closely as i am currently building the MF as well.
Habe meade some good experience doing so while following your SlaveI thread.
Is there any chance you will finish off the MF soon?

Kind regards,

Wuching said...

Hi Bjoern

Thanks for reading my blog. Sorry I haven't been updating but I have already finish the MF. I was just too lazy to post it on my blog. Have fun with yours!