Thursday, August 27, 2009

Looking for a pattern maker

Pattern making is a dying trade, even though we are in the industry we don't really have much time to do pattern making. We're too busy with grading so sometimes we need to sub-contract pattern making to a third party. Unfortunately it is hard to find a good pattern maker, they're an endangered species.

So yes we're constantly looking for good pattern makers. We don't want to hire them but rather work with a freelance pattern maker. So if you're a pattern maker looking for work please let us know.


CreativeMama said...

I am eager to practice and further horne my pattern making skills. I have a Diploma in Pattern Master's Cutting Coarse from Apparael Training and Design Center, India.

CreativeMama said...

Sorry about the typo, it's supposed to be
"Pattern Master Cutting Course" from Apparel Training and Design Center, Govt of India.