Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The upcoming event

With the upcoming fashion expo this spring we have been rather busy organizing the event from dawn till dusk. There are so many things to organize and the most important thing right now is crowd control. With visitors expected to be in the thousands for the 3 day event it is imperative that everything runs smoothly and steadily.

We had to hire quite a number of stanchions which are going to be mainly set up at the entrance and further into the great hall. This is to ensure traffic moves in an orderly manner through the expo. The best thing about these stanchions is they come with velvet rope and retractable belt that you can print your company names and logos on.

Barricades will also be set in the car parks to direct cars coming in and out of the ground. Its going to be a busy weekend but I think we can get through it with flying colors.

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