Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wrinkle cream reviews

Damn! Old age catching up to me I think. I’ve noticed a few lines on my face a few years back and now they’ve gotten worse! How I wish to turn back the time. I’m not asking much, all I wish is to iron out a few wrinkles. Not too much to ask. I need some wrinkle cream reviews to find the miracle cream for my face!

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Nyla said...

you might try Beauti Control. They have a (purely cosmetic) Tight Firm and Fill that will help when worn under makeup and their skin care products help promote new skin growth etc. :) That's what my mother uses... (I use the 20s line.) I know they have a website. you could probably google it.

I was just randomly clicking through blogs and happened to read about wrinkle cream reviews :)