Friday, December 17, 2010

Auto tracker

Back in the days when gps or auto tracker wasn’t around we had to rely on our street directories to get around. It was good because we learn to navigate around the streets and we built up a sense of directions in all of us old timer drivers.

Sadly it’s a totally different story nowadays. With gps or auto tracker in almost every car the young drivers wouldn’t know how to navigate their way around town should something happen to their trackers. They are too reliable on them for their own good. It’s a bit like driving auto or manual cars; the other generations had to learn to drive with manual cars so by the time we got our licenses we were driving manual cars of all sizes. Nowadays the younger generation gets to choose what car they drive in; manual or the more popular auto transmission cars. So now we’ve created a generation of young drivers who claim to be able to drive as long as the car is not manual transmission!

So getting back to the auto tracker, I admit I do have one in my car but I only need it when I’m in unfamiliar territories like a new city or in the outer suburbs. Most of the time I rely on my experience or the old trusty street directories.

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Alain Bernard said...

I do have auto tracker too.. this helps a lot :)