Friday, December 17, 2010

Growing watermelon

Growing watermelons requires lots of space, lots of sun, lots of water and lots of nutrients. Watermelons do not cope well with extreme heat or the humid, soggy conditions of our wet season/summer. Fungal diseases and bugs will wipe them out in no time. Watermelons are grown from seed. You may be tempted to use seed out of a melon you bought, but don't waste your time. It is almost guaranteed to be a hybrid. Watermelon seed germinates easily and quickly, within a few days. Watermelon plants outgrow the seedling stage very quickly, and they don't like transplanting. You don't save much time and you end up with a weaker plant.

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Jean Milord said...

I really didn’t know much about planting but I started with cantalope and watermelon. I planted them during December, and they didn’t start growing until mid January. I just used dark soil found in the backyard. Now it’s may and sometimes it gets crazy hot. And the cantaloupe barely has two small vines. My question is what can I do to make it grow faster.