Thursday, June 30, 2011

Repair shop mishap

Funny thing happened to me today; I noticed that my car’s hood wasn’t closed properly. One side is shut but the other side looked like it was not closed. At first I thought someone’s hit that side of my car but I couldn’t find any dent on the panels. So I popped the hood and lord behold I found a few screws which were wedged underneath the hood when it was shut! That’s why the hood looked like it wasn’t shut properly.

I wondered how those screws got there and then I remembered taking my car to my local repair shop for the busted radiator a few months back. The mechanics must have left those old screws in there like those horror medical surgery stories you hear of surgical instruments left inside a patient’s body!

Well I like the car services I’ve gotten from this repair shop but the screws incident reflects poorly on their lack of attention and thoroughness just this one time. I think I will give them another chance and hope that is the last mistake they make with my car.

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