Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas Lights @ The Boulevard

I did a post last year on the christmas lights displays at The Boulevard in Ivanhoe and how time flies, its a year since that post! So last Saturday after the Carols in All Nations I decided to revisit The Boulevard again.

Christmas lightings in the houses along The Boulevard have been a age old tradition going back to the 1950's. Every year residents compete for the biggest and the brightest display of seasonal cheer.

I remember when I was growing up in Sibu during Hari Raya we used to drive down to the kampong to watch the colourful and wonderful displays of lights hanging on those wooden houses. The christmas display in The Boulevard brings back memories of those times so many years ago!

The lighting displays will be on from the 16th of this month till the 24th from 8.30 pm till 11.30 pm so if you are in Melbourne better head down there to check them out!

True there are a lot of houses right across Melbourne that have similar christmas light displays but ask any Melburnian and they'll tell you to to go The Boulevard. It has become a landmark of Melbourne.

Some of the older residents may have died or moved out of the area but in their places new younger residents have taken over the tradition of decorating their houses with bigger and better displays.

About 20,000 to 25,000 sightseers visit The Boulevard on the 3 nights before Christmas and the council is even considering providing free bus shuttle service to reduce traffic congestion.

Portable toilets are also provided as well as police presence to help curb trouble makers who sometimes damage the displays or steal them. Oh well, there's always some rotten apples in the basket!

This year the council is also providing additional entertainment which includes an Italian choir, a brass band, a clarinet trio and gospel singers. Its a really Chrismassy spirit here at The Boulevatd!

So I'm going to shut my mouth and let you enjoy the lights, play a christmas carol while youre watching them to get you in the spirit. Have a great Christmas! Remember its only 7 more sleeps!

Entrance to Santa's workshop with Santa's little helpers carrying boxes and boxes of presents!

There's Santa in his sleigh with the reindeers on the roof top!

Frosty doesn't want to miss out on the fun but lets hope he doesn't melt away in Melbourne's summer heat!

Can you see Bart Simpson on the top right hand corner and Santa driving a convertible in front of Bart?

Be sure to have a very Merry Christmas and there's still time to buy me some presents!


sengkor said...

wah.. really put so much effort for christmas.. nice!

Che-Cheh said...

This year's one nicer. WOW got police somemore. So keng eh.

5xmom said...

I want to go!!!!! So nice.

OI, sapot the Rudolf song lah, embed in your blog lah. People sing at 3 am just for it, you no support, kek sim lor.

Bengbeng said... beautiful..i also go to the kpg to c the lights during hari raya :)
in a way it is more primitive but jus as beautiful coz u get side effects too..the all adds up to the hari raya cheer

Neo said...

Very nice and colorful!

QuaVadis said...

My prestent to you and your Mrs? I'll be your personal driver during ur stay in Kch :P

Merry Chrsitmas to you and your Mrs and see you on the 29th

Anonymous said...

I'll only move to Melbourne next March so won't be able to catch that :(

Hijackqueen said...

Wow! You mean this is all a residential area? Awesome! It's like walking in the winter wonderland...

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful but also quite fake. ;)

wong said...

Cool... They do decorated like I saw in TV... Damn man, when are you going to take me there huh?

Wuching said...

sengkor: got money can do many things!

che-cheh: pencuri mah!

5xmom: i sapot u! i post liao!

bengbeng: i'll always like those kampong lights!

neo: thanz man!

QV: wuah! tenkiu veli much! u drive limousine to pick me up? hehehe

ryeurn: then u'll see it next christmas!

hijackqueen: it is a christmas wonderland in the The Boulevard!

titoki: of course fake lor..summer where got snow wan!

wong: i go back take u with me ok?

Anonymous said...

Hey, what do you have for decorations in your house?
(All those photos are other people's houses, right?)

Simple American said...

It's cool how families do this sort of thing. Me I hate taking the decorations down. Love putting them up.

They have one neighborhood in Houston and they actually charge you to enter and look at the houses. Reduces their home association fees. So smart one.

Wuching said...

j: i done doll up my house lah!

SA: sheesh! so tight ass! charge to look, no thank u!