Sunday, June 08, 2008

Building Fine Molds Millennium Falcon Step 6 Part 1: Battle stations

In this step we get to build the battle stations, you know the ones that Han Solo and Luke Skywalker were shooting TIE fighters like playing video game in Episode 4?

Because there are 2 battle stations, one on the top hull and the other on the lower hull, I had to do everything twice. That's twice the parts, twice the work and twice the fun!

All pieces had to be spray painted prior to gluing. I could've glued them together first before spray painting but that would leave the nooks and crannies out. All areas need to be coated with paint.

And when they're dry putting them together was quick and easy. These are just the gun bays with the gunners' windows. I'll finish the rest off off in part 2.

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Serenity said...

are you looking forward to the Star Wars: The Clone Wars? too bad it's animated. would have been better if it's real life.