Monday, June 30, 2008

Building Fine Molds Millennium Falcon Step 7: Docking stations

In this step I got to build the 2 docking stations that will go to the 2 sides of the ship.

The instruction is quite self explanatory, looks simple enough until I started working on them. Some of the parts were way too small for my tweezer and after this I think I'm going to need to get a proper plastic cutter. I've been using a normal wire cutter to cut them, so far so good until now. Working with small parts need precision tool.

I thought of gluing everything together before spray painting but then I'll probably miss some corners here and there so I decided against it instead opting to spray paint individual parts before putting them together.

The only parts I did glue before spray painting was the tiny bits of pipes inside the 2 circles coz I figure I wouldn't miss any corner there.

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