Thursday, July 24, 2008

Contemporary Jewelry

While we're at the subject of rings the same people that bring you tungsten rings also bring you titanium rings; another stylish and durable jewelry from where not only can you find rings but cuff links, ear rings and necklaces too. More and more people are getting into these contemporary jewelry, do check them out today.


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Hi John,

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ilyse711 said...

Hey everyone…the fifth annual Jewelry Fair is coming to the Walters Art Museum, Thursday, Nov. 20-Sun, Nov. 23. This special event will compliment the exhibition Bedazzled: 5,000 Years of Jewelry. With more than 200 pieces from numerous culture and over five millennia, Bedazzled will present some of the Walters great master pieces as well as hidden treasures on view for the first time! Come Check it out!