Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's good to be frugal

I've been a really good boy all weekend; I stayed home all weekend and didn't even went out. Well maybe down to the shops to buy some food but that's about it. Saturday was spent babysitting Terese's niece and nephew and Sunday was spent doing the odd jobs around the house like mowing the backyard's lawn, changing the water in the fish tank and just lazed around the house!

I'm not complaining since I'm working from home now so it doesn't really matter if I went out on the weekend or not. Actually not going out means I save some money since going out only means spending more money. It's good to be frugal!


mama bok said...

You know.. Wuching.. after we owned our own business.. for a long time.. we only spent money on groceries.. and the necessities.. it is only recently.. we started buying goodies for ourselves. That's the price to pay for owning your own business eh.

Serenity said...

these days with the economy in "r" and inflation so high, we've no choice but be frugal. i think frugality come naturally for most! in a good way, of course.