Friday, July 18, 2008

The Pope in Sydney

The Pope's in Sydney this week and there are thousands of pilgrims around the world that came to the harbor city just to see him, to cheer him on, to hear him speak and just to be in the same city as he is.

The Pope's being treated like a royal, a superstar enjoying all the attention, the glamor and the splendor that money can buy. Too bad Jesus never got to enjoy all those when he was around but all the popes do. Religion aside I think this does good to the city and the country on the whole cause it brings in visitors and put us in the eyes of the world.


mama bok said...

one wonders about all these trips?? wats the purpose??

Serenity said...

we call him the "Pope-star"!

Santiago Chiva de Agustín said...

Young people know their limitations and contradictions, but when they come to listen during their holidays to an old man of 81 years that probably has not a special charisma, but they are persuaded by his insight, rigor and clarity. And young people want answers. So they are delighted that someone intends to improve them, someone who makes them want to be better people.


Santiago Chiva (Granada, Spain)