Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Break the price barrier

DIEW! Petrol price hits another record high today; 164.9 cents a litre! Motorists were all expecting a jump in petrol price today and BP didn't disappoint us with their new record price barrier in Doncaster.
With the rate its going we will soon be paying over $2 per litre by Christmas! So should we still be driving at all? Time to get myself a horse and wagon and do it the old fashion way I reckon!


mama bok said...

It's the same everywhere.. !! ours is at $5 for a gallon. just as bad..!! i think we have to ride our bikes.. to work from now on. Good thing our store is nearby.. :)

Serenity said...

yup, same here. we're paying almost $4.00 p/gallon. cannot live without my car :( good thing we don't own a gas guzzler. hee...hee! horse and carriage would be nice but then again, you'll need a barn :)