Tuesday, May 27, 2008

OfficeWorks selling Dell computers now

Okay maybe I'm a little bias but my favorite brand name computers are Dell computers. Personally I've only ever had 1 Dell notebook but I've seen many Dell computers before and have found them to be better than other brand name computers.

Up until now if you want to buy a Dell system you had to buy it online on their website but just recently Dell systems are being sold at OfficeWorks stores throughout the country. That's fantastic if I ever need to buy another Dell machine but would the same system be sold at different price if we were to buy it online? Or does OfficeWorks only sell specific machines that cannot be bought online? I need to find out more.


mama bok said...

I want a Dell too..! really good ka..??

Aaric said...

I already have Dell laptop and computers... They are working great!!