Saturday, May 10, 2008

Building Boba Fett's Slave 1 Step 17: End Game

Today is the last step in this project which started back in February and has taken me all these months to finish. And finished it I have and I've absolutely enjoyed it.
The ship and its stand are all finished so the last step is to paint a standing Boba Fett to have it standing next to the ship to get a sense of how big the ship is in relation to a man.

As usual the figurine is only about an inch tall and all the different parts of him had to be painted with different colours, including his jet pack. I had to mix 2 batches of different colours for the clothing as well as his armour. Unfortunately the colours didn't turn up quite as close as they did the first time I painted Boba in the seating position.

This edition of Boba Fett kit also comes with a bonus piece; Han Solo frozen in carbonite as was in The Empire Strikes Back. It is made of metal and I didn't bother giving it a coat of paint since it looks quite good just the way it is.

After the paint dried I glued Boba Fett and the frozen Han Sole on the stand right next to the ship. This should give observers an idea the size of the ship in relation to a man.

Well that's it for another project. I will keep this with all my other models in the display cabinet. Time to have a short break from scale modeling before I start on my next project; FineMolds Millennium Falcon!

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Dabido said...

You should do the Carbonite a copper colour. Like in the movie.
Silver looks unpainted [it was my immediate thought when I saw the picture]. Also, try a black wash over it after you do the copper.