Monday, May 26, 2008

Building Fine Molds Millennium Falcon Step 3 Part 1: Seating the cockpit

Now that I've finish building the cockpit and painted all the 4 occupants my next step is to sit them in the cockpit's chairs.

While I was putting them in I noticed the cockpit was a bit small with not much room to move about when they've all sat in there!

Oh well they're comfortable I'm sure. It's a permanent spots so I glued them down to the seat so they can't escape. Next I have to work on the cockpit extension.

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Serenity said...

wuching, i forgot to tell u that we had a "Star Wars" themed Deal or No Deal on TV the other day :) ladies in Princess Leia outfits (sexy!) and special appearances by Chewbacca and the gang. what's happens if Chewbaca needs a toilet break? now that he's glued to the seat!