Monday, May 26, 2008

Building Fine Molds Millennium Falcon Step 2 Part 4: Painting Han

Finally I got to paint the pilot of the Millennium Falcon and he's none other than the scoundrel who melts Leia's heart. He's Captain Han Solo the Corellian smuggler with a price on his head.

His shirt and pant colors were actually not white and field blue like I painted them. The shirt's supposed to be off white and the pant navy but I don't have those colors and I couldn't be bothered going to get new paints for him. So I just used what I had.

And there you have it; all 4 of them like in the scene from Episode 4. In the next step I will put them in the cockpit seats. Actually I did all these in 1 day which is going too fast for my own good.

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