Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Top 10 Blogging Categories

Hello boys and girls! Today I am going to need your help in making my blog a better blog for you! Yes, because you are the readers of my blog so it is important that you dictate what I write on my blog. And to do that I have created 30 categories of blog entries so you can pick and choose which categories or topics you would like for me to write for you to read!

So be a good sport and choose the top 10 categories that you prefer in the poll below and submit it to me! Its as simple as that, but why stop at can pick as many categories as to your fancy! You can even pick them all if you so wish so tell your friends, your brothers, sisters, cousins, aunties, uncles and parents to particpate too! Bring your grandparents too if you like and remember this is not a competition so you can vote as many times as you like!

The poll is open now until late Sunday so you can vote as many times as you so choose! I will publish the results on Monday next week, so lets go voting! Remember you have the power to dictate what I write! Marilah mari...pergi mengunti...

10 Bloggitegories
What would you like to read in my blog?

Memes & Tags
Places & Faces
Blockbusters aka Movie Parodies
Restaurant & Food Reviews
Festivals & Events
More Sex!
Sex with Me!
Sex without Me!
Sex with You!
Sex with Toys!
Quantum Physics
Video Bloggings
Lame Jokes
Crappy Jokes
Sociology Issues
Diss Posts
Spy Pics
Star Wars
Blog Wars
My 2 Cents Worth
Life In The Slow Lane
Melboune Life
My Boring Life!
My Secret Life As Superman
My Goldfish
Mrs Palmer & her 5 Lovely Daughters
My deepest darkest secrets!

Update: I suck at HTML so this would have to do! If you can help me, let me know at


5xmom said...

Heh, where is the category 'My confession as a closet gay leh?'

Che-Cheh said...

To show my support, I vote all. Hahahaha

Neo said...

Everything you write I luv to read! Anyway, what's in Spy Pics??

QuaVadis said...

Anyone also can, except for the category, sex with you :P hahahahahahhahaahhahahahahaha

QuaVadis said...

Wah!! Wuching..we you readers very hansap ah!! I can see that sex and more sex very laku hahahahahaha

Wuching said...

5xmom: sheesh! then its no longer closet!

che-cheh: i lafu u!

neo: spy pic r secretly taken pic! can be anything!

QV: that's right..everyone is dirty minded! not just me!

QuaVadis said... elaborate on could be spy cam of you peing.... :P (refer to Aunty Lilian's comment on why I say this) hahahahahahahaha

Yup..we are all very hansap :P

Should change your blog name to Hansap King

me said...

the choices that you make about the topic you blog reflects your true self. so, don't bother about us, just write whatever you desire. if you succumb to whatever your reader desires, you will feel the pressure very soon and lose the enthusiasm to blog. be yourself.

hey, waitaminit, the 'deepest darkest secret part' looks sooooo interesting. hahahahaha.

Neo said...

Sex, and More Sex please! Spy Pics sounds very mysterious!

Laksa said...

agree with 'me' above - just blog whatever you passion lies in. don't try to please others.

what i like about your blog is the stories and pictures you post about life in melb, food etc - the real stuff that prompted me to start reading your blog more than a year ago :)

Wuching said...

QV: wait till i get adult only verification put on my blog then i'll change the name..

me: yalah..everything u said is true but i'm just doing a reader survey mah! have u vote oredi anot?

neo: welcome to the hamsup club!

laksa: yes, yes, yes..those postings will resume as soon as the weather warms up coz its too cold for me to go out this time of the year..u should know, in the's some crappy post for ur amusement!

ah pek said...

hey! i can't find the 'none of the above' option. so i simply close my eyes and click. it landed on quantum physics. whatever that is.

Neo said...

You blog hamsup, I read hamsup lor.

Helen said...

I come to your blog bcos of your sex appeal's not there in the selection. How to tick?? lol

Wuching said...

ah pek: aiya, why u no like any of my categories geh?

neo: i blog jesus u oso read jesus ah?

helen: just tick 'sex with me'! *roll eyes*

kenJJ said...


suituapui said...

I'm not voting!!! Everything I like! (See! I'm such a staunch supporter...and u always hantam me one!!! So cruel!)

Wuching said...

kenjj: tenkiu! vote again!

STP: dont be lidat lah! just play play with u! why? CBC ah? ur the 1 who always hantam me! not the other way around!