Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas lights

We went back to the house we visited last year for their beautiful Christmas lights and decorations and it seems like it's even bigger and better than last year.

Though I didn't bring my camera this evening the decorations are pretty much similar to last year's thus I'm recycling last year's photo. It's wonderful how some people would go through all the trouble to light up their houses so the kids can come and be amazed by it including me.

Last couple of years I used to go hunting for Christmas lights to see but not this year, they're pretty much the same as previous years not that they don't look nice. Don't get me wrong I do love them but running all over town to see them again this year I don't think so.


Helen said...

I dare not even on my X'mas lights more than 5 hours each night coz afraid of electricity bill.

I guess some people are more generous than me. lol

Serenity said...

yeah, some people can go overboard with the decorations. but, we love it anyways. hehe! happy holidays to you & your family.

Yvy's said...

omg...that IS excessive lor!

Wuching said...

helen: use transformers, they cut down the electricity

serenity: I know I love it every year

yvy: nolah, its good

Hijackqueen said...

I think I'll go visit you next year around December.