Saturday, December 08, 2007

Meeting my brother

I met my brother last night at the airport; he was on his way back to Singapore where he lives and was catching the midnight flight from Melbourne. He was in Sydney for the last few days for work and was supposed to catch the 5 pm flight back to Singapore but it was too early for him.

So he decided to fly to Melbourne before flying off from here. With the few hours he had at Melbourne airport he decided to catch up with me. He called and I went to the airport just after 8, we spent a couple of hours there chatting until 10 when I left. He was flying the new A380 business class which is quite an experience with large seating and can turn into a bed summore! And if you travel 1st class you get a room with double bed...I will never be able to fly in such luxury.


MamaBoK said...

Ahh..!! too bad. you brother didn't get to catch up more with you .. :(

Wuching said...

mamabok: its okay, there's always next time