Monday, February 06, 2006

CNY Fireworks @ Crown

Still on the Chinese New Year Celebration At Crown Entertainment Complex but this time I would like you to see the fireworks display that was on on Sunday night.

Before the fireworks display starts I saw the pyrotechnic team getting ready for the big anticipation. All the fireworks and fire-crackers will be lit from a barge which will be in the middle of the river to get out of harm's way.

Look at the size of these fireworks! Have you seen anything like them?! They look like dynamites and they're all wired up and ready to go! How would you like to get your hand on one of these babies! Yeah, now that's what I call fireworks, not the ones you buy in the shops under the table! This is serious stuff!

The whole barge is full of them and they come in different sizes and tubes but they're all wired to be controlled by remote controls so you don't have to be on the barge to light them by hand!

And this is how the fireworks display looks like, its a bit blurry coz I captured that from the video clip which you can watch. Trust me when I say you will enjoy it! The real display was over 10 minutes long but my video clip is only 5 minutes long so if you have broadband you shouldn't have any problem watching it. So go on, watch it now! What are you waiting for?!


Chen said...

The fireworks really look like dynamites :)

Wuching said...

big m**ther-f**ker dynamite fireworks!

5xmom said...

Damn,capturing beautiful shots of firework is real hard. I am still experimenting with the camera and over here, fireworks are hard to come by.

robin said...

i agree on chen with the dynamites lookalike firework !!
Seems like it is enough to blow a whole building !!!
Terrorist !!

Wuching said...

5xmom: yes it is very hard so i've given up with my crappy camera instead just capturing it in movie form!

robin: i'm surprise there wasn't much security surrounding the barge & i was able to get so close to them, if i was a terrorist it would've been a terrible day! hehehe!

narrowband said...

Wow your coverage always make me feel like I'm actually there myself. Hehs.

5xmom: I beg to differ! Despite the "ban", everyone's letting off fireworks!

Jeremy C said...

nice :) impressive firewaorks, and photography!

killuminati said...

dude, those ARE the fireworks that we let off during chinese new looks like a dynamite but it's not, that's the launcher tube, the actual fireworks comes in 3", 5" and 8" grenade type things and the long things sticking out of it are the fuses.

i see 3" and 5" launchers, the 8" launchers are much longer and larger in diameter (about 1.5 meters). perhaps the scattered ones in the pics are the 8" ones.

the launchers seems to be made from bamboo (?), we get ours custom made by metalsmiths. it's EXACTLY like the ones the government over here and in aussie (seen the ones at moomba fest) let off.

we played with them during CNY but i haven't posted up the pics and videos yet. maybe during chap goh meh.

our sibu fireworks damn power too, it's the same thing. ;)

Che-Cheh said...

WOW didn't know you can get that near. At least now I know how this type of fireworks look like before ignition. :)

Wingz said...

wuah they let u go so near one ka ? what if some farker throw a ciggy butt at those fuses ? kakakaka meletup sial!

Wuching said...

narrowband: thank you, my task is complete then! :)

jeremy c: thank you mate! more firework video to come!

killuminati: thank you for visiting HB! & thankz for the info on the fireworks, i've read your post on fireworks & it was very informative, can't wait to see more from your blog especially the firework video!

che-cheh: yaloh, i'm special bah! first time for me to get so near too!

wingz: that's what i thot too, what if, what if!

Wingz said...

wuching : dem tempting hor ? mahai ... i will throw the ciggy butt if i were there KAKAKAKA!!!!