Thursday, February 02, 2006

Lion Dance @ Plume

On the 2nd day of Chinese New Year we went out for dinner in the evening with the in-laws at Plume Chinese Restaurant in Doncaster. This is quite a popular restaurant where a lot of chinese melburnians would go for yum cha on the weekend.

The highlight of the evening was the lion dance while we were waiting for our foods. The lion dance troupe belongs to the Chinese Youth Society of Melbourne and they put up a fantastic show for everyone in the restaurant that night.

You can see here the lion being offered an ang-pow by Terese's niece when it came to our tables.

This is the closest shot I could get of the lion as it dances in front of me while Terese was getting an ang-pow for it while I tried to get a better shot of it but it kept moving!

It then went downstairs to finish off the tour of the entire restaurant grabbing more ang-pow on its way from the other customers, the restaurant owners and even the kitchen staff!

Lastly they lit the fire crackers outside so the lion can continue dancing with the crackers going off. Ahh..I miss the pungent smell of fire crackers fume!


Che-Cheh said...

When I was small, I will run away to hide/cry because of the lion dance. So scary because of the dong dong chang music and the lion's face.

Wuching said...

che-ceh: oh u poor baby! i can understand why u would be afraid but that night at plume the kids were fascinated by it! LOL!

robin said...

i never liked lion dance. and sadly, i never liked fire crackers. Nothing against them. i just do not have the rush and excitement for them.
however i do feel lion dance is unique, and starting to appreciate them as i grew older. now i think the lions and dragons "danced" by people are rather cute !!!

Wuching said...

robin: how could u not love lion dance, the way the lion flutter its eye lashes & twitch its ears! its adorable! i love them!

Mei said...

Hey! time to update :D Hehehe

Wuching said...

mei: sorry! been having too much fun to update! :P