Thursday, June 22, 2006

Here's Another Meme

I've got tagged by Abe to do this "I don't know what its called" meme but being a great sports that I am, I accept the tag so here's another chance for you to have a peek into my deepest darkest secrets!

1) 4 jobs I would stink at:
There's tons of jobs that I know I would definitely stink at doing but the top 4 would have to be;
-The President of The USA! Face it, I would be too trigger happy with my fingers on the launch button for the nuclear arsenals! Thank God the world is a safer place without me as the President!
-A commercial airline pilot because I would be too tempted to top gun the plane and do somersaults before landing hard and burning rubber on the runways!
-A sex worker coz I'll enjoy it too much and give too many freebies away to my clients and not make enough money for my pimp!
-A lawyer because I can't keep a straight face when I'm bull shitting in court!

2) 4 pretend nicknames I'm making up for myself:
Growing up as a quiet boy I've had my share of bullyings and name callings back in the bad old days so its only natural that I would give myself pretend names to feel good about myself like;
-Ajino because some people think Japanese or Japanese names or names that sound Japanese are cool so at least I can be seen to be cool to them too!
-Joseph so that at least these 'gweilo' can call me by a name that they can't get it wrong!
-Sith Lord Darth Wuching so I can have my revenge on the Jedi Knights!
-Wuching just so I can confuse people about my gender when I blog!

3) 4 movies I have watched over and over (and did not fall asleep):
There's not a lot of movies that I would watch over and over again. You would have to be a die hard fan of the movies or a really boring person, as for me I'm both! Let's make it 6 movies and the awards go to:
-Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
-Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones
-Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith
-Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
-Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
-Star Wars Episode VI: Return of The Jedi

4) 4 things I love to do on weekends:
Ahh..everybody looks forward to weekends, the days of the week when we get to do the things that we actually enjoy doing and not because we have to from Monday to Friday! And these are a few of my favourite things;
-Working in my backyard sowing, planting, pruning and digging till the sun goes down!
-Going to the movies and watching the films I like on the big silver screen with good quality surround sound system and not crappy picture in a box at home!
-Attending day activities be it festivals, markets or public events. Get to meet real people and breathe some fresh air after being cooped up at work or at home all week.
-Catching up with friends at dinner parties or just afternoon teas. And not thinking about work next week!

5) 4 alcoholic beverages I've enjoyed:
I'm not really into alcohol like some of my friends are, in fact I'm not even a social drinker! Whenever I drink I will become panda face so that gives you an idea how well I hold my drinks but I do occasionally enjoy a bit of;
-Bailey's Irish Cream with ice. Yum yum. Its like drinking fiery ice cream!
-A bit of Southern Comfort & coke is nice but I haven't had that for years!
-Queen Adelaide's sparkling wines is another one I enjoyed a while back but I think it was called something else which I can't remember.
-But of course nothing beats a nice cold beer...

6) 4 celebrities I would go on a Big Date with:
Come on, this is wishful thinking now...this is never ever going to happen to me in a million years but maybe in a parallel universe I might have a chance to go out with;
-Sweetest Sin
-MsLenglui (Hey! They are celebrities right? Blog celebrities!)

7) 4 things I could not live without (excluding the essential):
Apart from the essential things in life, we should all be able to live a perfectly healthy normal lives but because of greed we are all slaves to materialistic things we cannot do without! And I'm no saint either and these are my weaknesses:
-My trusty Sony Cybershot DSCP-10 digital camera which I take with me everywhere I go. It has become a part of me and I think I have grown roots joining to it so I cannot leave home without it now!
-My less than a year old Nokia 6030 mobile phone that is also my time keeper because I don't wear a watch anymore eversince my last watch died on me. I also use it to listen to the radio when I'm bored at work!
-My wallet stating the obvious coz eveything I need is in there, there's my money, my driving license, credit cards, massage parlour vouchers...
-My car! My ride, my transport, my hiho silver away! I'm so used to driving everywhere nowadays that I can never be able to use the public transport again and that's a good thing for the petrol companies but not good for me...

8) 4 of my favourite foods, whom I'd like to bon appetite with:
Everybody loves to eat, I've never come across anyone who tells me different so some of you may share my favourite foods;
-Mud Crab with Suituapui coz he's treating me to an all I can eat when I'm in Sibu, right Beautiful Mountain?
-Ming Kong's Prawn Noodle with Amelia coz she's paying! Hehe.
-Kolo Mee with QuaVadis and KampungNangkaBoy when I'm in Kuching.
-Sarawak Laksa with Laksa after the kolo mee!

9) 4 places I would rather be now:
There's so many places I would love to be right now but in no particular order are;
-Neverland so I'll never grow old.
-Fantasy Island so all my fantasies will come true.
-Wonderland to see the Wizard of Oz.
-Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory coz I'll never run out of chocolate!

10) 4 people I am tagging this meme:
So let's do unto others what others have done unto me and I am going to tag;
-Osama Bin Laden coz I'm sure he's got plenty of time to kill now that he's in hiding and memes are great time killer!
-Muammar Gaddafi because he's such a nice guy nowadays and nice people get to do my meme too!
-George W Bush for killing so many innocent people in Iraq.
-Mickey Mouse because we love you!


5xmom said...

LOL at the 4 jobs you stink at. And pretend did not see the rest of the paras.

Simple American said...

Is that Jo-seph or Jos-eph?

You mean you're not woman?

I learn so much from this meme.

George Bush did not kill all those people. I did. muahahahaha

kachuaz said...

nothing beats an ice cold carlton cold


yvy said...

OOooo.....looks like my saham belum jatuh lagi coz still got ppl wanna date! Yippee!! :P

ah pek said...

and what, may i ask, do you sow in your backyard?

suituapui said...

Ha ha ha! I like SAm's comment! Sure u're not a woman? Come back to Sibu...and u can eat all the crap...I mean crabs u want!!! Only RM13 a kg; now that would be about Aus$4.00 and u get a plate of two or three huge ones!!! Yum! Yum!!!

suituapui said...

BTW, why Joseph? In the Bible, Joseph was married to a virgin...!

Amelia said...

No problem, mate! :p
Since your dad is the chef there, I'm sure the noodles that day will have a lot more prawns & we will makan until "puas-puas" :)

QuaVadis said...

HAHAHAHA.... massage parlour vouchers? If your wallet happens to be stolen and that's the only things that's missing, there's a list of likely suspect who might have taken it.....

Sure....come over here and we will treat you to Kolo mee or whatever that grabs your fancy....I dnt know if you ever tried the Indian Rojak that used to be in Kok Cheng (hope I got that spelling right) you know the corner coffee shop in front of cathay cinema in Sibu..anyway..the Rojak is called Rojak Kassim after the owner....but it can now be found in dnt have to go to Sibu for that....

For those who are curious to where is Rojak Kassim in Kuching, its now Located at the Coffee Shop under City Inn, opposite Chong Choon of the Chong Choon Laksa fame..its definitely worth a visit.. I find its the best Rojak India in Kuching / Sarawak :P

me said...

wahhhhhh. so thank you, thank you. *bowing low* considering me as a celebrity already very complimentary ( that the same as free?) but somemore consider me attractive enough to date...this one must belanja makan. hahaha.

you are really a big star wars fan hor? and mickey mouse, my one lah. don't steal.

cooking4STP said...

mmm....all that crabs for RM13 only. Think it's about time i pay a visit to Sibu...

QuaVadis said...

C4STP If not mistaken, have to cue up or have to make u have to inform STP awal awal so that he can make reservation for it. If not, he can bring you to Ruby as where he took me and KNB last week, u can check out the menu below and mind you..its really superb...makan sampai i wanted to bedus

QuaVadis said...

Wuch!! U should also ask Amelia to bring you to makan Kom Pia at Tiong Hua Road :P

yummlicious said...

ah, irish cream. my fav too!! yummm

QuaVadis said...

Err..Neverland? Isn't that Michael Jackson's estate? Hmmm...Wuch.....I see........okie........psst!!! Keep your children away from Wuching!! hahahahahaha

Wuching said...

5xmom: why don't u like the rest?

SA: its joh..seph..repeat after me..

kachuaz: *burb* 'scuse me!

yvy: of course mah..keep thinking of u in ur golden bikini ala princess leia!

ah pek: plants lor but not the ones that u smoke want lar!

STP: why joseph? why not, its common & its simple enuff!

QV: U R 1 DIRTY MIND LAH! can't think of peter pan when u hear neverland? have to think f michael jackson! tsk tsk tsk

tiong hua rd kompia i'll ask suituapui to take me again after the mud crab, then jiu hu eng chai, tiam mian hu...

me: yes i'm a big star wars fan like che-cheh..why? u wanna be my princess leia? *wink wink ;)

C4STP: yes lets all go to sibu & get suituapui to belanja us all..enuff cooking for him, its pay back time!

amelia: what u think my dad's the chef? u r so wrong lah...

yummlicious: cheers!

quavadis said...

PeterPan? the indonesian group that sings Mungkin Nanti and Semua Tentang Kita touchy today..must be PMS time...ok..dnt disturb u then hehehehehe

Wuching said...

QV: pms? what u think i'm ur best friend keh? i mean CBC one! hahahahahahaha

QuaVadis said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Teruk lah wasn't me who said that!!

Alex said...

hey mate, cant reply ur sms, no credit aha. sat nite,.. im not sure yet holidays start friday, tat's tomorrow :) i'd let u know.

suituapui said...

Aduh, QV! How wud wuching know Peter Pan, the Indon band??? Come, come...and u too, c4stp! BTW, go 6th Seal...see the crabs SO cheap! Wonder where in Kuching? RM8 a kg only!!! And wuching, just noticed that u meantioned me TWICE!!! The 2nd time? Willy Wonka Chocolate factory!!! I make nice "chocolate pies" all the time...!!! Ha ha ha!!

Wuching said...

QV: stop shifting blame now..

alex: OK..let me know..

STP: oh u r gross! spoilt my mud crab dream now!

Che-Cheh said...

Who is Muammar Gaddafi ?

yvy said...

golden bikini??? wei, make sure it's an XXL size arr...nothing that shouldnt b showing is showed, ok? LOL ;P

Wuching said...

che-cheh: gaddafi is b4 ur it!

yvy: no need, smaller the better! more to see! hehehe

Amelia said...

Oii!!! You had told me your dad is the chef there...& now he's not??? So, he must be the owner then. :)

Wuching said...

amelia: i said he works there, that doesn't mean he's the chef now does it? *roll eyes

FH2O said...

i like who you tagged!

btw why so ambiguious about your dad n min kong? ;)

Laksa said...

no prob, buddy. would love to give you a treat when you come on over to kuching :)

Wuching said...

fh2o: not ambigious, just correcting the mistake; he doesn't own the shop nor is he the chef there. in fact, the chef in the kitchen IS the owner & my dad works out front doing everything else lah! there u go, all clear? good!

laksa: now that's what i'm talking about! givit to me, laksa..uh huh, uh huh..givit to me!

a.c.t said...

You confused me with your name when I first read your blog, I thought you were a girl! I was so shocked when I found out.

Wuching said...

a.c.t: don't feel bad, ur not alone..a lot of ppl have fallen for my evil plan!

Amelia said...

Aha! I think I know who your dad is now. :)
Is he the one that takes customers' orders???

If I'm right, one of my friends says that your dad's face resembles Chen Sing (a Chinese actor who always plays the baddie in those classic sword-fighting movies)...hehe

Don't be angry, mate! I'm not implying that you also look like Chen Sing... you're definitely my handsem buddy...LOL

Wuching said...

amelia: uh uh uh! he looks nothing like cheng sing, i'll give u a clue..i look a bit like him..from a certain angles.

Simple American said...

after me

suituapui said...

Eekkk! Wuching handsome??? Never mind, looking at what he said, he can always blame it on his genes! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Amelia said...

Hiyah! I will go to Min Kong this weekend & ask them who is Wuching's dad...hehe

Problem solved!!! :D

Wuching said...

SA: very good, now say Jo Seph..

STP: aiya u don't know lah! if i come back to sibu, ur fren the most handsomest man in sibu will have to step down & i'll sit on that throne wan!

amelia: u not sked ppl say u 'chi sing' ke?

abe said...

hey, thanks again for doin the meme. just for fun though! hv a nice day!!

Helen said...

**Tears welling up* You're willing to go on a date with me?? I'm so touched!

*big hug** Muaks!

Neo said...

Sony DSCP10, I am using exactly the same camera as yours!

Wuching said...

abe: ur welcome!

helen: hehehe

neo: i know, u told me that b4!