Wednesday, June 21, 2006

An Interview For A New Deputy Sheriff

The local sheriff was looking for a new deputy and a blonde went in for an interview. The sheriff asked her what one and one was. "Eleven," she replied. Not the answer he was thinking of, but it was right.

So he asked her the next question; "What two days of the week begin with the letter T?" "Today and tomorrow," she said. He was surprised that she had returned an answer that was correct but not one that he had thought of, so he continued with the interview.

"Who killed Abraham Lincoln?" he asked. The blonde thought about it for a while and admitted that she didn't know. "Well, why don't you go home and think about that for a while," the sheriff said.

So off she went to the beauty parlour where her best friend was waiting for her. "How did the interview go?" she asked the blonde. "Fantastic," she said. "First day on the job and I'm already working on a murder case."


suituapui said...

That kind of applicant no need to ask questions anymore! Straightaway employed!!!

yothemans said...

dumb blonde

me said...

heard before already. another one please.

ah pek said...

don't care about the joke, but i like the picture and the rod she is holding.

Anonymous said...

LOL. btw, u've been tagged!!!

abe said...

oops, sorry bout that. btw, u've been tagged!!!

Wuching said...

STP: i shortlisted her for u!

yothemans: but i'll still hire her!

me: :(

ah pek: glad u like her!

abe: whoopie doo!!!

Che-Cheh said...

LOL dumb betul!

FH2O said...

nice pic ... more pls!
jokes are optional! ;)

Weila said...

How To Choose A Bride

A mother was very concerned that her middle-aged son has not shown
the slightest indication of getting married.

So one day she called him over to her house.

The son came home from work, grudgingly.

Upon arriving, he found that his mother had gathered a few
beautiful ladies at the house for him to choose as his future bride.

The first one was a well-endowed telephonist-cum-receptionist. He
immediately commented that: "Aiyaa... mother, they always say....


The second nominee was a leggy secretary. She was also rejected.

Reason being: "Aiyaa... mother, this one aaa..., secretary always
fond of saying "PLEASE SLOW DOWN, SLOW DOWN...."

By this time, the mother is nearing frustration. She called a sweet
but plain-looking teacher.

The son suddenly agreed!!

The mother was surprised and asked: "Why this one? The
earlier two were a lot more better looking!"

He replied: "Teachers aaa.... teachers vely good, vely good, always
say: PLEASE REPEAT, DO IT AGAIN, I Want it done 10 times....

Now come the small naughty hero. Her youngest son (10 years old), was
listening quietly all this while at the other end of the room.

Suddenly, he shouted "Brother.... female mini bus conductor more
better laa.... they always say..."NAIK CEPAT, NAIK CEPAT... MASUK,

The mother fainted....

sengkor said...

haha, how can the boss so cruel 1st day give her murder case to solve one.. err.. wait a minute.. oh, now i get it.. *lol*

yvy said... the uniform. ;) got XXL size arr?

SooHK said...

Aiyah got any blonde reading your blog or not....if they blom you..

Alex Allied said...

wuching: msg/call 0413483366. my bro-in-law's hp. Saturday get together is alright. Ask that other Alex to come oso. ksksks.

Neo said...

Wow, sexy blonde! No need interview, straight away bring home!

Simple American said...

Thats too funny.

Got a phone number for the blonde? I have a tip for her.

Cocka Doodle said...

......then I asked this blonde to spell Mississippi, and she asked if I meant the river or the state.

Wuching said...

che-cheh: dumb but nice wor!

fh2o: oh! u don't find my joke funny! i'm cut! :(

weila: r u the bus conductor? :)

sengkor: glad u worked it out.

yvy: u need 1 size smaller so look more voluptuos mah!

soohk: why would they wanna blom me? i'm so sweet!

alex allied: will do

neo: my idea too!

SA: leave me ur tip & i'll pass it on to her

cocka: ....watched this blonde eating a banana by bopping her head up & down the fruit!

yvy said...

ok lor....XL ada kar? ;P

suituapui said...

Rite on, weila! Teachers the best! They do it with class!!! Lawyers do it in their briefs, accountants balance when doing it, Tom Jones did it on the green, green grass of home...etc...etc...etc...

Wuching said...

yvy: u no need to wear lah!

STP: hmm..