Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Choy Sang Ley Loh! Free 4D Numbers!

Choy Sang ley loh! (God of Wealth is here!) Choy Sang came to visit me today and make me a rich man! That's what happened this morning on my way to work when another car hit my car from behind! This happened as I was waiting for my chance to enter the freeway but the other driver was in a bit of a hurry.

Its a bit hard to see the scratches & paint rubs on the bumper bar but its quite visible when viewing it personally. If you're into buying 4D I'm letting you see my numbers on my number plate. Sorry I had to pixelate the first portion of the plate (they're alphabets anyway) coz I still like my privacy.

From this angle the damage is more visible with that big gap the bumper bar is jutting away from the main body.

This is the guilty car that rammed into me! Its a Subaru Imprezza and it only had some superficial damages to the paints which are not even visible here!

Anyway we swapped details but lucky my car is insured comprehensively which means I get my car fixed with nothing for me to pay, all taken of by the insurance company. I've already booked my car in for a repair next week and they'll even supply me courtesy taxi to get me where I need to go after I've dropped my car off and when I go pick it up!

As for the other driver, he can deal with my insurance company. Its good that I don't have to worry about money, quotations and repairs when they're all taken care of by my insurance company.

So after that little accident, I felt Choy Sang was with me so I went to buy myself a Tattslotto ticket (no 4D here) for tonight's draw! Sorry again I can't show you my winning numbers but feel free to use my car's and the other car's numbers to buy yourself some 4D tickets. You may have to add or mix those numbers to get the winning numbers but at least I've given you a good start to your New Year like the Choy Sang has done for me! Kong Hei Fatt Choy!


siao ta bo said...

it's Choy "SEN"
not sang la.

Wuching said...

doesn't matter, u got the idea didn't u? why nicky picky about the spelling? there's no correct way of spelling dude! chill! :)

MisSmall said...

Haha. Is the Tattslotto draw tonight? I could really use some extra money now too. :P

Alex Allied said...

wahhh...choy sun reli come to you wohh.

anyway, which insurance company are you with? Allianz provides me with free car for the days when my car is in the workshop, until 7 days max.

Jacky said...

What a lucky day for you :D
thanks a tonne for the numbers too!

By the way, I thought you should be claiming from the other driver's insurance company because he kissed you from behind?

Wuching said...

princess poo poo: yes it is but i didn't win which means bigger winning for me next time! :)

alex allied: i'm with aami, maybe i should swapping to allianz!

jacky: good luck with the numbers

it works a little differnet here, my insurance company will claim from his but that's between the insurance companies only, i just get my car fixed..that's all & that's all i want.

narrowband said...

Whats wrong with the Impreza driver - can't handle those huge pots izit. The brakes of the Impreza are alil bit of a sports-tuned configuration - gee. Lady driver? Young driver? LOL. 22 isn't young, k.. keh keh keh

Uhm, usually we call the God of Prosperity 'Choy San Yeh', with 'Yeh' meaning 'Pak Cik' or 'Uncle', like how we call Pak Lah (keh keh keh), to indicate familiarity, or something like that. 'Choy San' is WHO he is, with 'San' meaning God. Adding the 'G' at the end makes it sound entirely different leh..

I've heard of people striking lottery like nobody's business on the first day of CNY here. One was 4-digit prize (more than RM5k) and the other was 5-digit prize money - more than RM30k. Wonder when the lottery company close shop.

Wuching said...

narrowband: its a young driver thinking he's a racing driver! & thankz for clarifying the choy san yeh..my cantonese sucks big time! did u win some money yourself? gongsi gongsi! :)

Che-Cheh said...

There's no NCB in Australia ?

Wuching said...

che-cheh: what's ncb?

Che-Cheh said...

NCB is no claims bonus. Let's say you didnt claim your car insurance for 5yrs..then you get 55% discount on your car insurance premiums.

Wuching said...

che-cheh: oh yes, we do have that but the premiums keep going up every year so no claim bonus also no effect! hahaha!