Monday, January 23, 2006

Volvo Ocean Race Melbourne Stopover

The Volvo Ocean Race started in Vigo, Spain on the 12th of November 2005 and finished its first leg of the race at Cape Town in South Africa where Leg 2 started on the 2nd of January 2006 and finishes in Melbourne over these few days.

Melbourne is hosting the stopover event for the race at Waterfront City which is next to New Quay. This follows a month long celebrations of summer funs including water-based activities and Food and Wine Festivals.

If you like to know more about the race, you can get more information here and information on the Melbourne stopover can be found here. I'm just showing you a very brief introduction to Melbourne's stopover venue at the Docklands.

This is where you come to check out all the excitements, the Waterfront City Race Village where you get to see the yachts in the race, the teams and the media centre for the race.

Here we can see the 2 yachts that arrived in Melbourne first over the weekend; ABN Amro I and ABN Amro II on dry docks for repairs.

Apart from the competing yachts, you get to check out the other yachts docked at the marina which are not in the race.

If you are interested in yacht racing then maybe you can start with blokarting before you advance to the real thing!

The events down here at Waterfront City will last a month and there's always activities to thrill everyone so I think I'll be coming down here every couple of days during lunch to check it out...till then, I think I'll give blokarting a go!


Che-Cheh said...

There is always something going on at Melbourne. Lucky U!

Wuching said...

che-cheh: that's right but i still find it boring!

Mei said...

wow! looks good! i saw they were still constructing the stage and all when i left for KL. now it's all up and filled with people! niceeee. kinda wish i'm there, but hey! i'm having a blast back home!

Wuching said...

mei: i can see from your blog you've been having a wonderful time..enjoy! r u coming back to melbourne or have u finish ur studies already?

Mei said...

I'm going back for my final year. and then decide whether i'm staying or heading elsewhere. no concrete plans just yet. but yes, i'm going back to Melb! :D I'm so glad it's not 40 degrees here! Hahahhaa

Wuching said...

mei: i'm sure we can save a few more hot days here for you when you return! :)