Thursday, April 20, 2006

I Can’t Say Goodbye......

This is a Special Parting Message from Amelia to all her blogging friends.

I Can’t Say Goodbye......

If I didn’t have you, I don’t know what I would do.
For with you I have so much…laughter…fun…sweetness…happiness...and love.
All of you are a rare combination of so many special things.
You bring me feelings that know no limits, and smiles that never go away.
You are a part of every day of my life, whether you are close enough to touch or reach to all but my hopes and dreams.
I love you all for your understanding and care.
You have created lasting changes in my life and in the way I want tomorrow to be.
You have given me the courage to express what I feel inside.
We have shared thoughts that have brought us together, and that will keep us there from now until the end of time.
Thank you, my friends…your love for blogging is a gift that will forever be.

Wuching, my Foochow Aussie mate, you’re simply the best. Everybody loves Wuching, too.

Laksa, there’s no better laksa in this world than Sarawak laksa. I’m going to miss your cooking very much.

Yvy, do think of me when you have that second sip of teh tarik every day. I wish you & Ted everlasting love & happiness!

Che-Cheh, don’t forget to pat Chester for me.

Stargazer, smile always and chin up as a beautiful sunflower should be.

Luxferi, I’ll still be your fairy-angel & I wish you & Jee a love that will never grow old.

5xmom, you're a superwoman & I hope to be as strong as you one day.

Chin Kian, Mei, Robin & Alex, all the very best in your studies & future undertakings.

Sisuahlai, carry on enjoying life…the hokkien way!

STP, QV & Cooking4STP, do try to lessen your bickering in other people’s comment box.

KNB, you are handsome but unlike what some people say, I don’t have my eyes set on you.

Girl Friday, stay young & beautiful forever.

Lastly, Jeremy C, you’re a dear friend & although you said “Don’t dream it’s over”, it is.

I have to go away my friends…I really don’t know when I will be back…

If anyone ever asked me what part of my life you all are…
I would just have to look at them and smile and say, “The BEST part.”
I love you all very much… hence…I can’t say goodbye……


QuaVadis said...

Hmmm, another one leaving, maybe she will be reincarnated by another name :P Anyway, Amelia or Meals, it has been a pleasure to read your comments and to see the pictures and videos that you have sent to bloggers and posted in Wuching here, Laksa, Sisuahlai and the blogger formerly known as Jeremy C blogs. If in anyway, my comments have caused you hurt or grieve, I ask for you apologies. Cyber world will be so different without you and your amazing pictures and videos and your comments. We will all definitely miss you. As for our endless bickering...well, that's STP, Cooking4STP and myself for you, a case of "benci tapi rindu" hahahaha.

Anyway, we hope to see you back here again one day, in the form of Amelia or by some other name, for you have in part cheered up our mundane work days with your amazing gift.

As a Tribute to you, I post this song by Lea Salonga, picking up on your last two words in the post of "I can't say goodbye"

It's Just Goodbye by Lea Salonga

The sweetest songs fade to echoes in the wind
The best of times must end, so a new day can begin
And the dreams we dream that seem so real at night
Must meet the morning light and vanish from our sight

It’s just good-bye, remember
Time was never our friend
We walked the road together and we came to the end
It’s just good-bye, now I won’t tell you not to cry
But I swear that what we had won’t die
Cause it isn’t over, it’s just good-bye

We close our eyes and we still can see your face
we know the truth of us, can’t be bound by time or space
And the joy we shared, the magic that we’ve known
Is something that we own, though we may be alone

(repeat refrain)

It’s just good-bye
It doesn’t really matter why
I know what we had can never die
Cause we’ll always love you
Yes, we’ll always love you
So, it’s just good-bye

(changed some of the words from I to We and my to our to effect our collective expressions and I am sure a lot of us will agree with me in that song...its Just Goodbye)

We hope that one day, we shall meet you again. Hugs

Laksa said...

hahaha, Lea Salonga pulak...

I wish you all the best, Amelia. Hope you find what you're searching for.

Jeremy C said...

Take care and good bye. Like I've said before, don't dream it's over...

QuaVadis said...

Laksa...One of my favourite all time Filipino Singer and her songs are one of the best..if you've ever heard them that is, hard to get them in Malaysia, the ones we get here are the more common ones...anyway...i think that the song is the best tribute to amelia.

Wah..JC is back to comment on this parting..amazing..i tot he died already :) hahahaha

cooking4STP said...

Eh, I hardly ever leave comments and you’re saying I’m always bickering in other people’s blog?

QuaVadis said...

hehehehehehe..isn't that what u r doing now :P hahaahaha..anyway.....sabar sabar..orang dah point arguing bout it...hehehe

Alex said...

where's she going?

cooking4STP said...

yes, only now i'm bickering!! Jangan cabar aku.

QuaVadis said...

Don't know, better ask Wuching or email her yourself....

Oi!! Wuching, you have any idea why Amelia is leaving? Got pissed off at someone or some other reason? Getting Married maybe and her future husband don't like her flirting around in cyber world..hehehehehehe anyway, the reason is best known only be herself.

So I guess we just have to respect her decision to leave and if indeed if anyone has offended her or piss her off, I hope that person will come forward and apologise to her...we will miss Amelia

If she's getting married and her husband don't want her to flirt online with strangers..well......all the best and we do hope you do come and visit us once in a while :P

cooking4STP said...

yup, all the best amelia. Your hilarious "productions" in Wuching will be missed. Sure you can't contribute now and then ka?

Helen said...

All the best to Amelia.

Wingz said...

all the best to amelia

Sisuahlai said...

Amelia, thanks for all your comments and involvement in Malaysian blogosphere. Take good care. Not trying to steal the moment, are you going to be part of Sisuahlai'c charity swapping? Counting on all my mates...

Che-Cheh said...

Amelia, May God Bless You.

May we meet again in the future.

p/s: I will pat Chester for you everyday.

cK said...

Looks like there will be no fairy visiting and blessing my blog anymore from now on. =(. It was truly a pleasure knowing you, Amelia. Thank you for all the kind and encouraging words you've left on my blog. Will be waiting for you to come back.

On a totally different note, eh wuching the picture u dedicate to me in your older post right, I can't imagine anything dirty out of it, no matter how hard I tried!

Wuching said...

amelia: thankz for ur kind words, will be missing u..all the best in everything u do..

QV: don't know why she's left, u can ask her..maybe she'll tell u but if she does u let me know huh, i want to kay po also!

chin kian: u can't imagine it? aiyah, u mind too clean altar boy!

cK said...

still cannot ler. let me try again....

still no good...all I can see is 2 pair of legs in red shoes spreading....

Wuching said...

chin kian: still cannot see? its ok, better u not see it..just kuai kuai study & graduate!

luxferi said...

Dear Amelia,
I'm going to miss you, your comforting presence on the cyberspace and the encouraging words you generously give others. *hugs* You'll always be my fairy, and I hope one day you'll return. :) Take care.


Girl Friday said...

Amelia, no matter how rotten the day is for us at the office, your lovely smile will always cheer me up.
I'll miss you & do keep in touch.

Mr Wuching, thanks for posting Amelia's message.

Jacky said...

What happen lar? Have I missed up something?

Jacky said...

Ops, typo. I mean "missed out".

Wuching said...

girl friday: ur welcpme

jacky: u didn't miss anything lah, have a drink..

Zora said...

Beep Beep! (Blushing)

Oh dear, after the hullabaloo I created few months back with regards to some misunderstanding that we've all put behind, I am saddened to read that Amelia is leaving the blogging world.

What prompted her to decide to do so, only she herself will be able to tell us however, I am sure we will all definitely miss her comments and her creative imagination as shown by some of the guest blogging she has done not to mention her videos and pictures that she has sent to wuching here.

Amelia dear, whatever that might be ailing you, hang in there and know that there is nothing that you can't overcome, be it some problems that is physical or mental, it can all be overcome and know for sure that whatever it is that has resulted in you taking a bow from the blogging world, do not be hurt or disheartened by whatever it is that has come your way, but rather be brave and show courage and fight on.

If it is due to someone, then know that you are far greater a person than whoever that coward may be and do not let that person affect you in anyway whatsoever. From the way you write and the way people are leaving comments of parting, I can see that you are indeed a beautiful soul and you will be greatly missed by all, thus know that if indeed it is someone who has hurt you and resulted in you leaving the blogging world due to some comments made or whatever, know that it is far better for you to be rid of that person, whoever that person may be for causing you pain and hurt.

Hang in there my dear and know that we all wait for you to return someday and definitely we all will welcome you back with open arms.


A dedication to Amelia

If there's something you want to say - say it now.
Before you walk away - say it now.
If there's something on your mind,
there won't be a better time.
If there's something you need to say - say it now.

I see something in your eyes. Let it out.
I wonder what that something is about.
There's something in the air,
and in your silent stare, there's a shout.
If there's something in your heart - let it out.

What I'm saying in my silence,
cannot reach across the distance.
I really don't know how.
So - like you - I stand and stare,
across a room of empty air.
I just can't find a way to say it now.

I watch you as you turn to walk away.
I listen for the words that we can't say.
Then, as you walk slowly out the door,
I stand here with my feet glued to the floor.
Why can't I find the words to say it now ?

Our lives are slowly drifting far apart,
I feel a whisper flutter from my heart,
"It's alright we'll meet again,
someday, somehow.
and maybe we'll say then -
the words we can't say now".

Goodbye Dear Amelia.

robin said...

hey amelia.. thanks for being around us everytime we blog.. ahahahaa.. we will sure miss you !!

Mei said...

Wuching: OH NO! WHY?? I just got back from the Grampians, and I see this... :(

Amelia: Thanks for always being there. You give me the kindest encouragements ever! Whenever I write a sad emo post, you seem to always understand. I am sure to miss your "presence". I do not know the reason behind you saying goodbye... but do take care, and I wish you the very very best too!

ps: I'm really touched that I got mentioned, that I am remembered. Amelia, you'll always be too! *hugz*

5xmom said...

I demand to know where is Amelia 'going away'! I just got to know her, as your guest blogger and now, poof! Anyway, all the best to Amelia!

suituapui said...

What's going on? Been away in some God-forsaken place (& now in some dark cyber cafe surrounded by kids and massive 3rd World War all around me)...and suddenly all this! Gee! This blogsphere is pretty dramatic, ya? So where's Amelia going, wuching? U did something to make her angry kah?? And to Amelia, the sequel to my parting message for the demise of JC's blog:
"...Now I think I know...what you tried to say to me. They would not listen, they're not listening still...perhaps they never will!"

Wuching said...

mei & 5xmom: i think amelia can answer u better than i can

STP: no one gets angry with me wan lah, i'm so 'ke-aih' wan! HAHAHA