Friday, April 21, 2006

Lin Dynasty Chapter 21: The 18 Bronzemen

Incase you don't know Lin Peh started a story of the Lin Dynasty and the story has been continuing by other bloggers with the last one by Wingz who wrote a fantastic cliff hanger at the end of the chapter. So now he passed the baton over to me to continue the story where he left off. You can read all the previous chapters here.

This is chapter 21 of the Lin Dynasty: The 18 Bronzemen. I hope you like it coz I practically pulled my hair out thinking how was I going to pickup where Wingz left off! Anyway this is where chapter 20 finishes;

Among linpeh favourite recruits was this man by the name of 9393, he is a well known assasin with a thing for ballet dancing ..... little do niahma or helen knows that this 9393 will be their blackstar (Haksing) in the later days .... *drumroll* cheng cheng cheennnggg!

Chapter 21 begins here;

So Lin Peh has been busy recruiting henchmen & women to build up his empire for his evil plan when one day Ti Long aka Chu Liu Xiang came to apply for a job there (if you don't know who Ti Long is you are probably too young to read this post so go read Kenny Sia's blog). Lin Peh was very impressed with Ti Long because of his kungfu and also he's good in stealing things which Lin Peh thought is surely to come handy! Little did Lin Peh realised later on that Ti Long is also very hamsup one and he's always hitting on Helen! Summore things kept disappearing from his house eversince Ti Long came so he decided to fire him lah! But Ti Long wouldn't go quietly so Lin Peh had to find someone more powderful than Ti Long to kick him outta his house.

Luckily he found Wang Yu the one arm swordsman! Wang Yu is perfect for the job coz beside being good in sword fights he never smile wan, always serious liddat sked the shit outta hamsup Ti Long!

So one day Wang Yu and Lin Peh were practising kungfu in the backyard and Wang Yu noticed that Lin Peh's kungfu is really crap! He said to Lin Peh, "How do you expect to take over the world with kungfu liddat! You better go learn from Shaolin Temple and pass the 18 Bronzemen Trial first lah!"

So Lin Peh agreed to what Wang Yu told him and he went to learn from the monks in Shaolin Temple for 3 years. At the end of 3 years he decided to take the trial of the 18 Bronzemen! This is indeed a difficult trial, not many people have survived the trial. There were 18 levels to go through and each level is filled with booby traps to stop you dead in your track literally.

But Lin Peh managed to pass most of the levels with flying colours. He had to battle the 18 Bronzemen who literally are covered in bronze or is it gold?

In the last few levels it was so difficult that he had trouble beating those Bronzemen who by now look like robots with armours! But luckily he remembered playing his Sony Playstation back home and realised this is just another game! So he googled for the cheats in the 18 Bronzemen Trial and sure enough found out how to win the game in no time!

So that's how Lin Peh graduated from Shaolin Temple after the last level where he had to grab a burning kiln by holding it with his arms and chest subsequently tattooing the dragons on his chest and arms which stamped the graduation!

With his new skills from Shaolin Temple he is now able to achieve his plan to build his Lin Dynasty! But little did he know that someone close to him that he trust is working on a different plan that would cause his demise... be continued by Laksa to whom I pass the baton to! Go get them brader!


5xmom said...

LOL, I was on the edge of the chair watching Wang Yu and Ti Long. Tiba-tiba got google for cheats pulak. Apalah!

Wuching said...

5xmom: blame google!

Ah Pek said...

diu lor, this story is becoming a sci-fi time traveller story liao! now go back 100 years to shoalin temple oredi! next, will be travelling to mars i think.

Wuching said...

ah pek: the legend of lin dynasty surpasses space & time!

Laksa said...

muahahahah - i tell you ha, i'm a big fan of Shaw Brothers' martial arts flick and this looks like fun! but will need time to research - i didn't even know there was such a thing going on.. okay la, will do me best!

QuaVadis said...

HAHAHA...Wuching, from Hollywood to China...extremely're taking Ang Lee a run for his money :P

Was laughing my head off when the script turned back to this century and the actor went to google for clues hahahaahaha

Impressed, very impressed..keep it up and keep the creative juices flowing. Definitely a very good continuation

QuaVadis said...

Wuching, not commenting on this posting but rather on the banner on your blog, just noticed the Best Value in Online Weight Loss aimed at me, STP and KNB hahaahhaahahahhahahaahahahahahah

Wuching said...

laksa: it doesn't have to be wuxia liao xuo type of story lah, if u read the previous chapters i think this is the first time i write the story liddat!

QV: yes true the saga of lin dynasty happens in different times & places across different universes too! ok next maybe i will direct a bollywood movie!

also good to know reading my blog will help u & stp & knb with weight issues!

cyber-red said...

aiseh...masuk old school pulak lollll

suituapui said...

Maybe I'm blur...but how come Ti Long & Wang Yu in the pictures turned into Carter Huang and Shang Kuan Lin-fung??? Hmm...not nice lah! No cameo appearance by STP!!
And where's David Chiang and Chen Kuan Tai? Maybe they'll be in sequel by laksa...or maybe he's too young to know who they are. Probably Jacky Chan & Jet Li will have to do!

Laksa said...

STP : haiyoh, i watch Ti Lung, Wang Yu and David Chiang all the time when i was growing up, man. heck, i even wanted to enrol in Shaolin and WuDang school or martial arts but my parents said i was crazy :(

wuching : done oredi lor, brader! but no kung fu wor...sowie :P

Wuching said...

cyber-red: yes old school is good wor!

STP: haih u! don't worry too much about the others just enjoy the story as it unfolds!

laksa: wah so quick! this is gotta see!

Cocka Doodle said...

I'm totally effing lost in the Lin Dynasty story liao. Hahahahhaa!!!

Wuching said...

cocka: its like watching long running tv series mah, don't have to worry about the previous chapters & u can still enjoy the story when u jump in!

Lin Peh said...

KNN! Liddat oso can ? Anyway...damn 9 funny la ! LOL!

Wuching said...

lin peh: i'm glad u approve!