Sunday, March 05, 2006

1001 Things To Do With Lemons

Thanks to Amelia, now I know what I can do with all those extra lemons I have from my lemon trees in the backyard.

These are from the Lemon Festival in Menton, France where they are the main producer of lemons in the continent.

What a pretty little cottage, looks like an icing cake, yummy!

Big gigantic ants! Glad they're not real.

The lazy hare who lost the race to the turtle. birds! Slow night, not much happening in the blogosphere. Any suggestion what to do or places to see?


Helen said...

Looking at those lemons, I bet the air smells divine!!

Talking about lemon, I had yet master the art of making lemonade! Damn, everytime I make, it's either bitter or too sour! lol

Yup Yup I saw your pics and my, the resemblance to Chow Yun Fatt is uncanny!! :-P

5xmom said...

LOL, Chow Yun Fatt. LOL.

Go plant some moss and see it grow? Please....If the yoghurt trick works, then only I will by my own tub and try.

Dragon City said...

weee...damn nice. Malaysian must learn to do this kind of thing..not only making the longest sandwich or biggest mooncake..

narrowband said...

Yeah I wonder how the air around these lemons smell. You'll need to produce like tens of gazillions of lemons before u can construct say, the hare!

Wuching said...

helen: maybe u just need to put in a bit more sugar? ur not the first to see the resemblance but then i've never seen the resemblance!

5xmom: don't laugh @ me liao..i only heard about the yogurt trick, never done it myself so i don't know if its just crap!

dragon city: & use local grown oranges to make them maybe even durians!

narrowband: well they r the latgest producer in europe so there's no shortage but a lot of wastage thot!

Amelia said...

You're welcome. :D

Btw, don't forget to take photos of your own creation with all those extra lemons from the lemon trees in your backyard. (Jus another posting idea from your producer...hehe)

Helen said...

wuching - thanks to Lilian, you are now in the official running for 'the most look-alike Chow Yun Fatt person in Malaysia.'

Wuching said...

amelia: no, seriously i thank u for all the photos u sent me & of sibu! they're precious! btw, ngui au muon mo lin moon chiu, pien nehn ni! ;P

helen: wtf? what is lilian up to now? this i gotta see

Amelia said...

Hmmm..uhhh.. Sorry, mate. I think I attended too much Hokkien lessons at Sisuahlai to understand ur foochow... Maybe you better email it to me in plain English. Thanks! :)

Amelia said...

I got need to email me.
Hehe...clever-lah you.
Forgive me... it's mind is usually very slow & blurrrr