Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Men's Individual Time Trial

Today I 'catch snake' again! Went down to St.Kilda to watch the Men's Individual 40km Time Trial. The Women's was scheduled for this morning but I was busy at work so I couldn't make it.

The race was scheduled to start at 1 o'clock but I got there really early so as not to miss the start and to find a good spot also. There were already a lot of people at the scene.

I saw some cyclists warming up along Beaconsfield Parade before the race started. One of them was only too willing to camwhore for me! Don't know who he was or which team he's from either.

Karak was there to keep everyone's spirits up like posing for cameras with anyone who wants to especially the children. I've already camwhored with him before so I let others have a chance!

There was a group of enthusiastic Australian supporters just across from where I was. Good on you guys, keep on supporting our athletes!

Then right at 1.00 pm the first of the 72 competitors rolled off the ramp. All cyclists start at 1 minute interval of each other and are timed accordingly to determine their own time in finishing the 40km ride along the beach right down to Mentone and back again. This is Christopher Clive Froome representing Kenya. He finished at number 17 in 53 minutes and 58.01 seconds, 5 minutes and 20.72 seconds behind the winner.

Second to go was Tumisang Taabe from Lesotho. He finished at number 59 in 1 hour 5 minutes and 5.27 seconds, 16 minutes and 27.98 seconds behind the winner.

Fifth to roll off the ramp was Christopher Walker from Gibraltar who finished later at number 34 in 57 minutes and 30.39 seconds, 8 minutes and 53.1 seconds behind the winner.

Martinien Tega from The Cameroon was the 43rd cyclist to start the race. He finished at number 46 in 1 hour and 54.82 seconds, 12 minutes and 17.53 seconds behind the winner.

New Zealander Logan Hutchings started at number 48 and finished at 12th position in 51 minutes and 56.23 seconds, 3 minutes and 18.94 seconds behind the winner.

Malaysian Shahrul Neeza Mohd Razalli started at number 51 and finished in 28th position in 56 minutes and 29.2 seconds, 7 minutes and 54.06 seconds behind the winner. Malaysia Boleh!

While they were still starting, we saw Kenyan rider Froome has just came through the finish line followed by the other riders who went after him.

The first Australian cyclist started at 59th position and finished the race in second position in 49 minutes and 1.67 seconds, 24.39 seconds behind the winner. He is none other than Ben Day.

The second Malaysian rider started the race at number 60 and finished the race in 58 minutes and 28.9 seconds, 9 minutes and 51.61 seconds behind the winner. He was Muhammad Fauzan Ahmad Lufti in 36th position at the finishing line.

We saw Taabe from Lesotho coming through the finishing line while all these were still going on.

At last the last rider to leave the starting line was Australian Nathan O'Neil who also happens to be the winner of the race finishing in 48 minutes and 37.29 seconds!

So the Gold medal went to Australian Nathan O'Neil, Silver to Australian Ben Day and Bronze went to New Zealander Gordon McCauley. I am so getting the sack!


Amelia said...

Not to worry...if you get the sack... 'cos the Victorian Tourism Board will have a ready job for you as a loyal promoter for Victoria. :)
One look at the Beaconsfield Parade stretch is already enough to make me homesick. :(
I'm definitely going back to Melbourne. :)

Once again...nice photos & commentary, mate :)

Helen said...

LOL... Like Amelia said... you dun have to worry about the future... You just found yourself a new prospect.

PS> Can be Chow Yun Fatt's stunt double also..:-P

Che-Cheh said...

I was wondering what's the different in some of the bicycle used by the athletess. Some of the bicycle's 2nd wheel is covered with 'something' unlike the typical wheel.

ylang said...

ahhh.. commonwealth, i forgot about it totally.. best sport ever.. gymnastic and swimming. Heheh!

Wuching said...

amelia: homesick? so u consider melbourne ur home & not sibu?

helen: as chow yun fatt's stunt double..no lah, have to fall down & get punched, better if i get to replace him in bedroom scenes ok lah! hehe

che-cheh: i don't think there's a difference, just types of wheels i supposed..

ylang: yes you've totally forgotten coz you've been missing in action for so long! where've you been?

Stargazer said...

How come you can "eat snake" so often? So nice!! Then again, knowing sports-loving Ozzies, they'll prob give ppl time off to watch the events!

QuaVadis said...

Go snake temple and catch snake again ah hahahaha... yeah like wat Meals said, you can either work with the Victorian Tourism Board or take my advise and move your butt here.. we need more talented people like you who writes such excellent blogs of their lives and routines and happenings and takes such wonderful photos of the city they are living in.

Amelia said...

Home is where the heart is... both Sibu & Melbourne... :)

suituapui said...

That's what I've been wondering too. Why u so free? Not working kah! One of those fortunate house-husbands, kah? Eee...thatKarak looks so scary! Like a crow in one of those horror movies!

Wuching said...

stargazer: i can "eat snake" coz i'm in a good situation where i'm able to..not going into details for fear of getting caught..shh..

quavadis: why is amelia meals?

amelia: oh, so u haven't been home for a long time liao!

STP: house-husband? what an insult! SI TUA PUI! cheh cheh cheh!

amelia said...

Yep...:( #sniff...sniff#
Kleenex...pls :(

QuaVadis said...

Amelia..short form Meals, I have a friend also called Amelia and we short form it to Meals as its easire to call it when u're drunk..monosyllable only hahaha...Amelia, 3 syllables... so use Meals lah..faster

STP..see..come here and provoke people..then in the end have to hu lampah and butter up..cos got undang sebalik batu....kua liau pun sian..hahahahahaha

QuaVadis said...

By the way..Meals..why so sad..just go to MAS, get a ticket and fly over..I'm sure wuching and the mrs will be more than happy to bring you around and entertain you while you are there...so go..take a break...

fooDcrazEE said...

looks like u caught a huge anaconda...liak chuah ar ?

Wuching said...

amelia: kleenex? i think you need a towel!

QV: meals ah..i think i like amelia better lah, plus i don't get drunk so its no problem for me to say it!

foodcrazee: as big as the ones in the movie "anacondas"

amelia said...

Hmmm... The very thick soft towel, laundered with nice fragrant softener... to wrap around myself ...is my favourite... hahaha

Thanks for making me laugh, mate ;)

Yep... I definitely prefer AMELIA.
Maybe you should start a web poll to see which name your readers prefer...hehehe ;)

5xmom ~chanlilian.net~ said...

pssst....close up of the male cyclist in their shorts la. Real close-up...

Wuching said...

amelia: don't forget to blow your nose too!

5xmom: lilian's having lusty thoughts, must go confession liao! repent! no hiaw hiaw thoughts!

suituapui said...

QV! How can I provoke people and hu lam pha at the same time? U are contradicting urself lah? And so bossy! Always asking people to go somewhere! 1st asked me to go play in HIS friend's blog and now asking "MEALS" to go Down Under! Sibuk sibuk aje!

Jeremy C said...

nice pics, as usual, wuching. keep up the good work - you're doing a better job than our local journalists!

QuaVadis said...

Provoke the other people who post and hu lam pah the owner lah...hey...remember what u did in my friend's(at least I wasnt the one who gave him kopi oh money hahaha) blog..u provoke like mad at first..and then..after giving kopi oh money..dnt know for what..starts to hu lampah..and now? how come dnt go there anymore? Maybe because I dnt go there anymore is it? No one to argue with is it hahahaha...I asked Meals to go down under cos she seems so depressed....just giving a suggestion what...like that also want to ketuk....tsk tsk tsk ciak pa boh su cho..hahahahahaha

Wuching said...

jeremy: thankz buddy! maybe i should work for borneo post in sarawak, replacing my friend who started as a reporter there in sibu & then i think editor in kuching so i heard..

STP & QV: bla bla bla!

QuaVadis said...

Wuching..sorry ar..me 2cheapskate to poke fun with STP over the phone so use your blog hahahaha