Thursday, March 16, 2006

Let Me Have A Rest First...

Its been a long day and a long night! I've just got home and I'm so tired now. Let me have a rest first before I update my blog tomorrow please!

I need my beauty sleep so I can be refresh to write new posts on what happened today. I'm sure everyone seen it on TV so you already know how it was so just let me have some rest first please!


FH2O said...

Permission granted!

Go Sleep Now! zzzzzzZZZZZZ

Alex Allied said...

man, you really went for it by the yarra river!!!

I watched it on TV and it rocks!!!!!!!! Melbourne rules!

5xmom said...

Rocka bye wuching
on the treetop
when the wind blows
the cradle will rock


Chen said...

I didn't watch tv..
I seldom watch tv (not a tv fan) :P
so I will wait for your presentation (after your rest or sleep)

Mei said...

Kakaka. I missed you, again! But your pics are definitely gonna be much nicer than mine. I'm no professional! But nothing beat being there. It was sensational!

Cocka Doodle said...

Wake up sleepy head! Time to update your blog. LOL

Anonymous said...

When you read this, I hope you have had a good sleep & is now refreshed. :)

Amelia said...

Alamak! The "anonymous" above was me... I'm the one who needs a good sleep & rest...hehe
Very.......blurrrrrrrr :(

Wuching said...

fh2o: thank u zzzzzzzzz

alex allied: what happened to u? i thot u were going there?

5xmom: gugu gaga..

chen: u should've watch the tv presentation, its so much better than what i can show u on my measley little blog!

mei: i've always envy ur pics, the camera i used for the night shots came up bad..:( i'll see if i can fix it with photoshop..cheat a little.

cocka: diu this cock crowing so early in the morning! i want to sleep summore!

amelia: yes i'm awake now, thanks to cocka but i'm at work so can't update yet, did u watch it on tv?

Che-Cheh said...

I missed it on tv, was going back from work...anyway I will be waiting for your post.

Now, sleep tight and sweet dreams..ZZZZzzz

Amelia said... some of it on TV.
No hurry with your update...just post what you think is worth sharing...even if it is what most people would ve already seen on it will be like a "Siaran Ulangan" for them. :)
I'm not fussy.
Btw, Ajay a.k.a. posted some pixs on his blog.
Did he go with you?
Thanks, mate!
Have a good day!

Amelia said...

a.k.a. Alex (the kid)... I mean.

Stargazer said...

Good night Wuching while we wait eagerly for your CG Opening post! :)

Wuching said...

che-cheh: i'm sure they'll be showing it again but ur right, my post will be more personal & interesting! ;)

amelia: alex did a fantastic job on the opening & pics were good too! mei from has some cool pics too everyone should checkout also!

stargazer: thanz but i'm awake now but can't post yet coz i'm at work :( will do so tonight..

Anonymous said...

Will chk now :)

Amelia said...

Uhhhhhhhh That was me again :(

Robin said...

Nice nice, is this somewhere near rhe Crowns?

Jeremy C said...

yeah, sensational stuff as i saw it live...on tv. bringing in the torch via the yarra was a touch of genious - i always knew there was some use for that river (apart from chartering booze cruises...heheh)

Jacky said...

Can't wait to see some pix and videos. Sleep enought liao or not?

Helen said...

Ei, Wuching... **nudge nudge* any other reason why you're so tired ar? :-P

Wuching said...

amelia: hello! its not sunday today!

robin: not too near but not far from crown either..:)

jeremy c: ur the 2nd guy who say its a torch, its not! its a baton, notice there's no fire! but yeah it was spectacular thot i didn't watch it properly on tv but being there in the atmosphere was even better! :)

jacky: in due time my friend, in due time..btw u would've seen it on tv & newspaper by now but my version will be a personal version from the view of a humble blogger like me! *flutter eyelashes*

helen: *shh...don't say so loud! *wink*wink*

Amelia said...

*Blush* *Blush*
When one is on holiday...everyday is Sunday...even if it is a working holiday. *Shy* *Shy*