Monday, March 06, 2006

Banyule Festival Parade

Today I went to the Banyule Festival to check out the Grand Parade because my friend's daugther S is in it. This post is for her so people please be careful what you comment. All her young friends will be reading this post!
The parade starts at 10.00 am on a Sunday so I had to make an effort to jump out of my bed early this morning, wouldn't want to miss it or I'll have much to answer for.

Funny how most parades start with the band and this is no exception.

Followed by Karak the 2006 Commonwealth Games mascot and the pupils from the Lower Plenty Primary School emulating the athletes.

Then we have the Rosanna Primary School with their African Safari theme, see if you can spot the animals they made in the back.

The Irish River Dancers, funny how they look like leprechauns with their red and green uniforms.

This a Jamaican theme with their dreadlocks and drums, what's missing is hemp!

The Banyule Calisthenics Club with their mascot who is supposed to be a platypus.

The Belly Dancing School, yeah babies! Very Shagedelic, where do I sign up? Shake that ass baby! Shake it!

Oh here comes S's group, the St. John's Primary School! Where's S? I can't see her? Is she in the parade?

There she is! The one in the baju kurung representing Malaysia and all her other friends have different costumes representing other cultures and countries. Aww..ain't that sweet!


SooHK said...

The belly dancing group..interesting...a lot of shape, sizes...and...ummm

Jacky said...

The ass-shaking babes are good :)

robin said...

wah lau !!
Another one of those "colourful" events in melbourne !!! Arrrghhh... starting to hate perth !!

5xmom said...

Uncle Wuching is very kind.
Uncle Wucing takes nice pics.
Uncle Wuching is very nice.
Uncle Wuching helped S to put photos on the internet.

Errr...can ah, like that?

I spy with my eye..I see a fei poh behind.

Cocka Doodle said...

The belly dancers are the only ones worth stopping for a longer glance.
But if you look long enough, you'll grow to appreciate the platypus too. LOL

Wuching said...

soohk: nice belly dancers..

jacky: gimme 5!

robin: i'm sure u can find these things in perth too, just keep ur eyes open!

5xmom: can! auntie lilian say poem so nice! i spy with my eye..lots of fei poh in the parade!

cocka doodle: u got the hots for the platypus? chicken & platypus not ngam wan!

suituapui said...

Gee! Was wondering why anyone would wake up early to go to some borning parade...until I saw the belly dancers! Omigawd! I think I spotted one MY size! And then of course, ur anak! (I guess!) Sigh! The things fathers have to put up with...just for that proud moment!!! "There...that's my little girl!" Of course, people like jeremyc won't undertsand that! They can stick to the belly dancers!

Amelia said...

On top of everything else, Melbourne weather looks absolutely fabulous during the parade. :)

Wuching said...

STP: its monday, lets poke fun @ jeremyc again? give him a break lah, lets try someone else!

amelia: it was a 30 degrees day! *panting from the heat*

QuaVadis said...

HWEHEHE the belly dancer the size of STP reminds me of my cousin's Aussie's wife.....mother of "Rice on top of Rice"

Helen said...

Sorry, the belly dancers got my votes too!! Hey, I'm only mortal.... lol

Wuching said...

quavadis: what does "rice on top of rice" mean?

helen: if not for the belly dancers, no one would read this post hor!

Che-Cheh said...

belly dancers a must have at any parade!

Anonymous said...

Just so that you know though it's probably of no interest, the platypus and the Banyule Calisthenics Culb have nothing to do with each other. The platypus is for Yarra Water.

Wuching said...

anonymous: thankz for clearing that up, i wouldn't know in a million years!