Friday, March 31, 2006

Safer Blogging

Today is a sad day in the blogosphere. Today we lost a fantastic blogger. Today we wake up to ourself from our so called 'safe' anonymity behind our blogger nickname and rethink our situation in the blogosphere.

Blogging is like sex, you don't have to be good to enjoy it! Anybody can do it and everybody enjoys it either maintaining one or reading one. I've always approached blogging with a open mind and tolerated most jokes that people may put on me. Similarly I've always be careful not to poke too much fun at the expense of someone's good nature. I know when to pull back when I think I may be going too far coz everyone has a limit and we should respect that. And we should also be humble enough to apologize if we pushed the limit a bit too far.

If we get upset easily then we might as well watch TV. Threatening people's job and dropping big shot's name is just a bit too much! What do you get to show for? That you know people high high up? That you are so childish and you need some big shot to bring people down? What you've done is really uncalled for and I hope you see that one day.

Try to have a good weekend everyone...


azmeen said...

Forgive my daftness, but can I know who this post is referring to?

Jacky said...

Who are you talking about?

Girl Friday said...

Mr Wuching, due to unforeseen circumstances, Amelia can't go online today so she requested that I do it on her behalf.
Mr Jeremy C told her that he won't be checking on his own blog anymore. So she requests that her message for Mr Jeremy C be posted here.

"Hey now, hey now
Don't dream it's over
Hey now, hey now
When the world comes in
They come, they come
To build a wall between us
We know they won't win"

Jeremy...that last line in the chorus says it all... Why do you let them win?

This message is posted on behalf of Amelia.

Wuching said...

azmeen & jacky: read my previous post's comment box if u want to know & give ur support as bloggers!

girl friday: sure u can :)

Wingz said...

wuah so dramatic in here!!!! larkee lar all da while i stayed anonymous ... ngek ngek ngek ....

5xmom said...

*hands wuching menopausal hormone therapy pills to be distributed to his commentors. ('cos Jeremy's batch of anti-PMS pills may not work anymore)

KpgNangkaBoy said...

Yeah....I agree with you man. Blogging is supposed to be fun. There's no need for threats being made...especially over petty issues. Though personally, I feel that if a person wants to put up a blog...he must be open minded enough to accept criticism. After all, why post it on the world wide web if it is not for everyone to view and comment? Sarcasm/slander is almost unavoidable in such circumstances as some idiots are just born to be god damn sarcastic and critical of every other persons view. So either ignore these comments or be sarcastic back at them. But whatever it should all be for fun and for a good laugh....To polish ur debating skills and blah blah blah but u should never show ur anger of being offended. When a debate reaches the boiling point just drop one can win. There's no point arguing with these people cos making u angry is what they intended for in the first place. Showing your anger will just make them happier. So my advise to all bloggers out cool and be open minded. Accept or ignore all criticism and slander by commenters...just don't get offended... move on.

As for me, I don't blog cos I know I ain't open minded enuff and people who offend me will find their house burned to ashes by the next morning. Haha..jk.

Btw...Wuching, i sincerely hope that rubber isn't jijik lar u. Haha.

5xmom said...

Yahor, soli to spam your comment box. How come you are using rubber wan ler? Otherwise where you get the supply from?

suituapui said...

Wah! So philosophical! U got PhD (Permanent Head Damage)in philosophy? Jokes aside! Good post, chum! Applies to EVERYTHING, not just blogging...if u want to keep ur friends, i.e.!

suituapui said...

Wah! And KNB also so long-winded for the 1st time ever! Mourning the demise of a friend('s blog)? Hey, KNB! In Sibu, they throw Molotov cocktails at ur house! Ha ha ha!

Wuching said...

wingz: ur the man!

KNB: ur his fren, tell him to come back lah & stop crying liao! u wanna borrow the rubber?

5xmom: u can spam my comment box anytime u want hor! supply i still get, rubber just for safe blogging mah! hehe!

STP: what PhD? i no go to skool wan, beli stupid wan wor! so u found out who the arsonist in sibu is hor!

Siao Cha Bor said...

aiyer...i PMS now la...u oso ka?
it is real....i very PMS...very down today....sian

Che-Cheh said...

Ohh what a sad day...:(((

I've just read your previous blog's commentssss.

JC, if you're reading this please come back. Doesn't matter what people said as long as you know your true self.

Wuching said...

siao cha bor: aiyo u poor thing! pms..pain here pain there hor, take some ibuprofen & go lie down lah, have a good rest & tomorrow we pergi disco!

che-cheh: keep supporting jc & tell jim to come back!

luxferi said...

*sniff* I barely know Jeremy but I love him already. He's truly a fantastic blogger. ei... Jeremy.... I know I posted this on your comment box TWICE, but since you don't check there anymore, I'll post here instead.

PLEASE COME BACK! Don't break a girl's heart, I tell you.

You're made of stronger stuff than this. I know what that gal said is so hurtful and humiliating, but we live and learn. What doesn't kill you, should make you stronger. The world is full of all kinds of ppl, some with great self-esteem and great sense of humour, some with superiority complex and sensitivity issues. Be a better man, and rise above it. Don't abandon blogsphere just because someone flamed you. Remember, there's only one of her and many of us. As for her threat about your job holding you back, then there's nothing we can do about that, but it's just disgustingly low.

Ultimately it's your decision to leave or stay, but I hope you stay, and if you do decide to leave... well, I'll miss you a lot. I barely know you, yet you made an impression on me because you were so polite and nice to me. Thank you for that.

FH2O said...

I don't know all the details n d reasons for J to quit all of a sudden and its kinda sad if its due to one stewpig Bitch!

I had ppl crapped at my comment box and the bastard/bitch even managed to get hold of my personal hp number and yunno what crap SMSes I started getting!

Wanna know wat I did?

I IGNORED 'em all!!!

These pathetic cowardly ppl are not worth it at all and should be ignored totally.

I survived and lived to blog another day much to their chagrins and frustrations! In your face shitheads! hehe ;)

If I decided to quit; it would be solely for personal reasons or if i just got tired of it!

All the best J if you're reading this. Do whatever you have to do. Sleep on it for the moment! Take Care!

Wuching said...

luxferi: thankz for supporting jeremy, keep nagging him to come back even on his blog & i'm sure he will! :)

fh2o: i think jeremy had intention to quit a while back but this incident with zora was the last straw, he got screwed bad lah! what to do? i'd feel shitty too if it was me, even if i do decide to continue blogging the passion is not there anymore coz have to keep worrying about the possibility of getting the sack! not evryone is as strong as u unker! ur the man!