Saturday, March 11, 2006

Let's Talk Toilets

Its nearly the weekend and I feel like talking craps. Speaking of craps, Amelia sent me some interesting toilets from around the world. Hope you find these stimulating.

This is an auto-mechanic's toilet, it has a male and female cubicles with car doors for doors! Very resourceful of the mechanic, good recycling idea.

Open the door and its a squat only shit hole. Don't worry about people looking in coz the glass is stained glass too so you get all the privacy you need to do your business!

Here's a communal toilet in China and I think its unisex as well. Just plonk your big ass in the hole and let it rip. You don't have to worry about flushing afterward, just don't forget to bring a newspaper to read while you're at it so you can also wipe your ass with it later. And be careful not to fall into the hole!

So when you're sightseeing the Great Wall of China and you need to don't wanna see this! The sign shows you where the nearest toilet might as well find a bush somewhere.

This toilet belongs to an eccentric musician, he's so devoted to his love of music that he eats, sleeps and shits music literally!

This is not what guys like to see in the men's toilet, its just too cruel. We rather look at adverts of condoms!

This would be the ultimate men's toilet! We would pay A$5 to use this toilet! We may have to be in here for a while...

Hope you enjoy that, if you did you may thank Amelia but if you don't...blame her!

Monday is Labour Day holiday in Melbourne so I'm having a 3 day weekend, plus the Moomba Festival is on so there's plenty happening. Should be good, have a good weekend everybody!


Helen said...

The toilets in China I've already had the privileged of experiencing it first hand. The worst was the one in this place called Urumqi. Hmmm, it was just a shack, with a shallow hole, overflowing with excrement..... I nearly vomitted inside!!

Where is the toilet featured in your last pic?? Is that the gents?? If so, dunno what is the ladies' like?? lol

Che-Cheh said...

Hehe the last toilet should cost A$50 coz it's a 2-in-1 toilet. If you know what I mean ;)

Helen, yes I have experienced that kind of toilet at Hutong area in Beijing. My best toilet experience so far! hahaha

suituapui said...

They say when in China, bring an umbrella when going to the cover ur that any intruder won't who that thing belongs to!!! Doesn't apply to me though! One look at the body...anyone will know who's behind the umbrella! Ha ha ha!

Amelia said...

Hahaha...another well-presented piece, mate.
Hope there will be more TQs than blames...hehe
Keep up ur good blogging!
Have a good weekend.
I'll be flying off myself...a so-called working holiday... will send you more pixs after I get back.

Jeremy C said...

nice review and nice pics, wuching and amelia.

Jacky said...

Good one. I like the toilet in the last pic, where can I use it??

Wuching said...

helen: wanna know how the ladies look like in the last pic? use ur imagination!

che-cheh: i don't know what u mean, please explain.

STP: might as well wear a mask like a bank robber!

amelia: good or bad u get the credit/blame all! have a good trip!

jeremy: just thank amelia enuff lah JC!

jacky: how long u need it for?

Che-Cheh said...

Are you for real you don't know what I mean ?

SX stuff!!!

Amelia's fans said...

Amelia always have very interesting photos to share. :)

Wuching said...

che-cheh: no serious! tell me!

amelia's fans: yes, she's the best!

FH2O said...

I'd been wanting to say this for a looong time liaow!!

Amelia should have HER OWN BLOG!!

Don't worry, Wuching, unka'll still come n visit u still!

Enjoy your long weekend!

5xmom said...

Mention of China and toilets and I already hate Amelia. :)

But the last pic hor, it gave me an idea. Wanna joint venture with me? We produce dickhead bidets! Fuwah,sure sell like hot cakes. Helen will definitely buy. And showerhead too? Apamaciam, good business venture?

Wuching said...

fh2o: amelia too busy to write blog mar so subcontract me lor! & jeremy, & sisuahlai..

5xmom: u also had bad experience with china toilets? & the bidet idea, ur a genius! lets do it! :-)

Chen said...

The toilets in the more inferior part of China is even worst..
The one u show in the picture is quite good compared to what I have seen personally...
hehehe.. some of my group members vomitted after visiting the toilet in MaoXian, China :P

Cocka Doodle said...

that pic of the toilet sign at the great wonder them Hans could'nt keep the northern invaders out lah. Want to shit also got to walk so far. ...

robin said...

I like the car door toilet !! looks damned cool and creative... love the stained glass window too

Wuching said...

chen: why r the chinese so disgusting?

cocka doodle: that's why kublai khan broke thru.

robin: gotta get one of that..

Amelia said...

Dear all who have posted their compliments:
You're welcome. I only supply the photos... Wuching's commentary deserves more credit. :)

Uncle, Thanks for thinking so highly of me. Like Wuching said... I'm too busy... Wait till I become 'superwoman'... ok? Hehe

Aiyoh! But, you really do love me, rite? Hehe
#Amelia is now shy-shy-blushing-blushing#

kachuaz said...

cool mechanical toilets lah. lolz. really cool.

no wonder ppl say that china's public toilets are "phewwww"