Saturday, May 27, 2006

10 Life's Simple Pleasure

I've been tagged by Helen as well as King's wife to do this meme about my 10 Life's Simple Pleasure. Always happy to comply so thank you ladies!

1. Taking my first dump in the toilet first thing in the morning. Si fu sai!

2. Sipping my first sip of coffee first thing in the morning. Caffeine is wonderful!

3. Working in my backyard. I could dig and dig and dig till the sun goes down.

4. Sleeping with the sound of the rain piddy paddle on the roof though I don't get this as often nowadays here in Australia. *Sigh* I miss Malaysian monsoonal rains!

5. Scratching myself when I get an itch. Ooh, ooh, right there..yes, right there..ahh..

6. Receiving comments for my posts! Yes! You know what to do! And that goes to all you silent readers out there too!

7. A good night's sleep. Yes, sometimes I wish I could have one of that coz I think I suffer from sleep apnea with frequent awakening during the night and often with daytime sleepiness.

8. Paddle Pop ice cream! That's the only ice cream I need, forget about Cornetto, Magnum or whatever..Paddle Pop will do me!

9. Terese's cooking. Face it, I suck at cooking but thank goodness I married Terese else I'll starve!

10. My fellow blogger friends so I can tag you all who reads this now!


King's wife said...

You just made me go to the fridge to grab a cornetto!
Thnks for doing the tag.

fooDcrazEE said...

nice....and simple pleasure u have. Down to earth , eh ?

Simple American said...

Already did this tag.

Love the toilet.

Have you tried those strips on your nose to help you breathe while you sleep. Those help me when I have difficulties.

I'm digging in the backyard too. Will dig all the way to Jomel's backyard in KL. She gave me permission as I don't want to upset anyone when I complete my tunnel. Wife is upset with all the dirt and it is piling up. Any tips on what to do with it?

Cocka Doodle said...

Wow! great minds think alike. I had the toilet thingy first on my list as well.
But your throne looks a whole lot more comfortable than mine. :(

Neo said...

What a nice toilet! Mine looks like this

Wuching said...

king's wife: get me a paddle pop & ur very welcome! :)

foodcrazee: i'm a simple man wif simple needs.

SA: i haven't tried that but isn't it annoying wif something on ur nose when u sleep?

use the dirt to build a mud house so u can stay in there when u wanna get away from the mrs!

cocka: all men love their toilet seats!

neo: apu! wif ur toilet, u have to keep replacing the fish after every flush!

Helen said...

Thanks for doing it!! lol

#3 - What did u dig in your backyard wor?? Nose?? :-P

#5 - yes... same here.

Paddle pop?? lol It's been a long time!

Neo said...

No, the toilet is smart enough, it will only flush and change the water, not the fish :)


5xmom said...

Hey, do you have Paddle Pop down there? Please tell me no. Then, I can go torture you with photos.

a.c.t said...

Taking a dump first thing in the morning - classy lady ;-)

Simple American said...

Oh no. It does not irritate my nose. Occasionally I catch myself trying to push non-existant glasses up a bit. Then I realize it is the strip.

Che-Cheh said...

What did ya dig ? :P

Wuching said...

helen: ur very welcome! re:3, remember desperate housewives when the guy was digging in under the pool? ;) re:5, we r both monkeys! paddle pop will always be my all time favourite!

neo: buy me 1!

5xmom: yes we do have paddle pop here so better luck next time! :)

a.c.t: thank you amanda!

SA: maybe i should give it a try eh?

che-cheh: remember desperate housewives?