Friday, May 12, 2006

I, Meme

That Foxy Yvy Cleopatra tagged me with this I meme so let's just get on with it.

I AM: Into S&M, bondage and groupie!

I JUST NOW: Farted!

I SAID: Potato and you said po-tar-toes...

I WANT: To break free, I want to break free from this life...

I WISH: The voices in my head would stop!

I HATE: American Idols, Australian Idols, Singapore Idols and Malaysian Idols.

I MISS: When I try to aim at the urinal.

I FEAR: Boogeyman.

I HEAR: Someone calling me to wake up and that this is just a dream...

I WONDER: How many people will be reading my blog this weekend?

I REGRET: Not using my power for good but evil!

I AM NOT: Just a pretty face.

I SING: At karaoke only when I'm dead drunk!

I CRY: Crocodile tears.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: Who you think I am...*jeng jeng*

I MADE: A mess while cleaning up the house!

I WRITE: Inane posts like this meme for my blog.

I CONFUSE: My readers with my gender and my name. Hehehehe...

I NEED: To get a real job.

I SHOULD: Give my mom a call on Mother's Day this Sunday.

I START: A typical day with a cup of coffee, white, 2 sugar.

I FINISH: This meme with a big THANKYOU to all you good people out there who's spared a minute of your precious time to read it!

I TAG : You if your name starts with an alphabet.


Simple American said...

Already did this tag. YvY got from me so I am exempt. muahahahah

You mean you supposed to aim in the urinal? Oh drat.

Helen said...


You're into BDSM, bondage and groupie??

Damn, you are definitely my kind of dream man!

Che-Cheh said...

Do call your mom :P

Luckily I didn't confuse your gender and your name.

Wuching said...

simple american: i can imagine the stains in ur toilet!

helen: lets play master & slave! ;P

che-cheh: i cannot deceive a jedi master like u..

yvy said...

OOooo....Helen, Wuching, u n me should start a groupie coz i know one other person who would join!! lol :P

suituapui said...

You always miss at the urinal? Stand nearer lah...;it's not as long as u think!

Wuching said...

yvy: lets all get together for some S&M!

STP: no...u know lah, sometimes even when u aim chun chun, still shoot side way wor! hahahaha

Laksa said...

hahaha...wuching, you so funny lah (and kinky too)!

Wuching said...

laksa: u & i both