Saturday, May 13, 2006


Let's go to another festival in Melbourne today since its been a while since I've posted on festivals and events around Melbourne.

Today we go to Ivanhoe, a suburb northeast of the city where the Ivanhoe Fiesta is being held. This is an annual event though it is my first time here.

The weather wasn't too nice today but that didn't stop people from coming out to enjoy the cold wet Melbourne day on Upper Heidelberg Road here in Ivanhoe.

Check out Robin Hood and one of the King's men. Cool outfits guys! How about some sword-fight? With real blood and brute!

There was a big display of Harley-Davidson motorcycles by the local Harley-Davidson club. Nice shiny bikes. You can pay them to take you for a ride in one of them but that's just not for me.

I'd rather be watching this guy doing his snake stunt here! I think his name is Raymond Hoser and he owns a snake business where he can have a snake show at your party or you can call them to help get rid of that snake that made its home in your garage!

Check out these slithering creatures! Aren't they beautiful? These are non-venomous snakes so they are safe to touch. Do you want to touch them?

Raymond brought with him a lot of snakes for the day and I believe this one he's holding is a black adder? I really can't remember.

He keeps the snakes in these tiny boxes and sometimes he has a few snakes in a very small box.

Gets a bit crowded in that box but I supposed it doesn't really worry the snakes.

This here is a python so I was told but I think its still young so its not too big and everyone can have a chance to hold it, put it around your neck and pat it if you so wish. I touched a snake for the very first time in my life today and I must say it felt just like touching a leather belt!

Here's more non-venomous snakes that the audience are allowed to hold. I think one of them is a copperhead. I didn't get a chance to hold them coz there were too many people around and the children always get ahead of you!

Funny how before today I used to think that snakes are slimy to the touch but they are definitely not. Feels just like leather! But they have powerful skeleton so I can imagine a python strangling your neck when its constricting you!

Other than the snakes they also have these lizards but they don't bite. In fact its good if you find one of these in your backyard coz they eat snails, insects and cockroaches so they are your friends!

They also have some baby crocodiles for you to hold if you choose to. Ugly little creatures aren't they?

I can't remember what snake this is that I was hold with my left hand while I took a photo of it with my right hand holding the camera. Came out quite good and the snake was very cooperative! Let's all go get ourselves a snake for pet!


robin said...

wow... snakes.. i would be more interested to eat their cooked meat.. ahahaa i have never tried that yet...

Cocka Doodle said...

Hoser didn't show you his one-eyed snake meh?

Wuching said...

robin: u eat snake? i heard its quite good, how was it?

cocka: aiyah, why show me? thats just not normal lah!

suituapui said...

Taking ur Wuching, the Snake King (Remember?), whose pet do you wanna be? So what do u get to do? Petting all the way...? Ha ha ha ha ha!

Che-Cheh said...

I'm dislike snake. Ewwww...Hate their slithering tongue.

You are brave, jedi!

Wuching said...

STP: u have very good imagination, i wouldn't mind being someone's pet snake as long as i won't get eaten later!

che-cheh: *slither slither slither* i was born in year of snake so i'm a snake king & i'm a sith!

suituapui said...

Ooo...u don't want to be "eaten" kah!!!??? What do u wanna do then? Ha ha ha ha ha!

yvy said...

OOOOooooooooo...this is so TEH place i wanna be!!! it's like a mine petting zoo where ppl can actually reach out n touch the animals. i simply love holding snakes n like u, i used to think that they were wet n slimy n boy was i shocked to find out the truth! u know, they make a GREAT cool-me-down neck wrap especially on hot days. lol :P

Wuching said...

STP: what do u think? hold my breath & dive in! hehehehe

yvy: oo..yvy, thats a part of u i don't know about...i can imagine u wearing nothing but thongs, lying on ur love nest wif a big pythorn around ur neck! hahaha

suituapui said...

Ha ha ha! U're not alone, wuching! Yvy's comment certainly conjures a whole lotta ideas in my mind....!!! Ha ha ha!

Wuching said...

STP: miang miang keladi, makin tuah makin jadi (did i say it right?)

Simple American said...

I still don't like snakes. The snake cannot be a copperhead as that would be a poisonous snake. I live in Texas and I get snakes in my garage. Then I have to go kill them so the missus will get off my case.

Do like to eat snake. And they taste just like chicken.

Wuching said...

simple american: i must've confused copperhead wif another snake, anyway u shouldn't have killed that snake in the garage, should've called someone to get rid of it instead. but if u killed it u should've ate it, what a waste of good meat! hahaha