Tuesday, October 16, 2007

1 box of tissue

We've been without any tissue papers in the office for quite sometimes now. Constant reminders to the kiamsiap boss had unfruitful results. Today he asked me what I need from OfficeWorks and I said 'tissue boxes'. Off he went to get his stuff from OfficeWorks and hopefully the tissue boxes.

He came back an hour later with a box of tissues. Just one box to be shared by 3 people in the office. And he said not tell Mrs. Kiamsiap Boss coz she'll tell him off for spending $2 for a box of tissues instead of $1 she could get from the variety shop. Kiamsiap to the max!


Serenity said...

hmmm...poor Wuching! just bring your own tissue lah. no need to ask from the kiamsiap boss & kiamsiap missus. what a p**** whip! pardon me language.

mama bok said...

Oh my god..!! *bang head on the wall*..!

Wuching said...

serenity: no, i want him to pay for it!

mama bok: bang summore